Monday, February 11, 2008

January Trip and Birthdays

On January 23-27, Tim and I took a trip to Kentucky to pursue some options for next year. Tim has friends there that we stayed with. We had so much fun. First off, we both enjoyed the trip out there. It was a beautiful trip, and we saw a little snow. It was so nice to be with Tim all day long for about 5 days straight!!! We had so many laughs and great talks. Tim's friends took us around Louisville, and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We ate so much there. We hit some cool restaurants. One restaurant that we hit, Tim ordered cottage pie. This was a bread bowl filled with beef stew with potatoes and cheese on top. When the waitress brought it to him, she told him that she had only seen 2 people finish it off. Of course, Tim wanted to be the third one and stuffed himself silly to do so. It was pretty funny, but I do not think Tim was thinking funny when he was finished with it!! We also played lots of games with our friends and enjoyed playing with their 21 month old daughter who was very cute.

On the way back, we stopped at my sister's college and hung out with her Sunday night. It was her birthday on January 29th so after church that night, Tim and I took her out to a birthday meal. We ate Mexican, and it was very good. Then Karen got to open a few gifts. We had so much fun with her. We wish we could have seen her longer. We will have to wait for spring break!!! We got back very late/early Monday morning.

The next day, January 28th, we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday!!! WE had a great time. Karis and Dan and the girls even made it for her birthday. It was the first time we had seen them since Christmas so we enjoyed seeing them again. We went that night to PF Changs. It was so good. We loved passing around all the food and trying different dishes. Good choice, Bethany!! Then we went back to John and Bethany's house for Bethany to open gifts. That was also a wonderful time. By the way, Karen and Bethany share the same birthday of January 29th so that is pretty cool!!

WE had a very busy last week of January, but we enjoyed every minute of it. We enjoyed some time together as well as time with our family we love!!

Trips and Birthdays