Monday, January 21, 2008

Final Update

Here is a quick update from Dec. til now. I figure I should do this all at one time and then maybe I will just try to stay caught up....probably not. In mid-December, Dan and Karis came to our house for lunch and to visit. That night, Karis and Dan went out with some friends so I got to babysit my nieces. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to have another opportunity to do so.

Then of course was our first Christmas being married. We loved it!! We did a few presents and have one other big item we will purchase eventually that we decided to get for our Christmas gift!! More to come about that hopefully...We spent the morning/afternoon together eating cinnamon rolls, reading the Christmas story opening up some presents, playing catch with the football, etc. We went over to John and Beth's for supper that night with Wes and Katie Kouba. That was fun.

For New Years Eve, we went over the other Tim and Kristen's house and had a blast eating and playing games with some other couples. Of course on New Years Day, we spent that day doing a little shopping and of course watching football.

Since then we have been working and just staying busy with other things. Tim is starting up class again so that will keep him busy. We are doing very well. Hope you all are enjoying the new year. Here's a few pictures of the last month or so to show what we have been up to as well.

Picture Update

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Birthday

My birthday was the beginning of December. I was so spoiled. Tim was so sweet to me. On my birthday, we both had to work so I just opened gifts from Tim that day. It was so fun. I got an Ipod so I been enjoying that so much. He also got me a Romans commentary (we are studying that in Sunday School), a Christmas figurine, and a Christmas CD. Then the following Sunday, we had over my brothers and their wives and then another couple to have pizza, cake and ice cream. Tim made the cake...a two layered chocolate cake. Very impressive!! Thank you to all of you who helped make my birthday very special. A huge thanks to my wonderful husband who spoiled me so much. He is so wonderful to me!!

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Our Little Get-away

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Tim and I took my sister Karen to meet up with some friends to catch a ride back to her college. It was in Chantilly, VA so Tim and I decided to make a fun trip out of it and stay over night. We loved it. On Monday, we found an outlet and enjoyed shopping the afternoon away. We found some good deals on some sweaters and such. It was so much fun to spend the whole day together. The trip up and back to Chantilly was very slow and so much traffic...many break lights. It took so long to get there and back, but it was so much fun getting away. Can't wait to do a little trip again!!

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Finally another update from the Armstrongs!!! I decided to post a few pictures at a time and then write a little post about the pictures. The first set of pictures are of the Varner Thanksgiving/Christmas. All of my family was able to be here for Thanksgiving so we decided to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas together as we would not be together for Christmas. It was such a wonderful time together. Tim and I are both thankful for our wonderful Christian families the Lord has given both to us. God has given us both so much to be thankful for...our salvation, our church, our jobs (His provision), our marriage, our eternal hope, etc. The list could go on. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at John and Bethany's, opened gifts, played some basketball, ate pie, talked, laughed, watched football, etc. It was such a blast.