Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter 2012

Just wanted to get a quick Easter post in so we can remember this special day!  We love Easter and having the opportunity to focus on and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We enjoyed this year with Megan being able to begin to understand more of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection.  We had wonderful services on Sunday beginning with Sunrise Service (which Tim went to), breakfast at church, and then a special service with some narrative and special music focusing on who Jesus is. (From the Author of Creation to the Author of Salvation!).  

After church, we went to my parents' house for lunch, Easter Egg Hunt, and some pictures. We should have taken family pictures in the morning as Emily was exhausted and not feeling well (She started running fever in the afternoon that day.).  We will learn for next year hopefully!

Best family picture we could get...

Tim and I

                               Emily did pick up a few eggs although she was not real energetic.
                                                                  Emily- so tired
Emily- very curious what is inside the egg
Megan getting lots of eggs!

Megan loved the egg hunt!  She was able to wear a pretty dress that Karis and Dan left behind that Kayla had worn.  It was so pretty!

We actually dyed Easter eggs a couple days after Easter.  This was the first time we did this with Megan.  She really enjoyed it!

Emily on the other hand was not feeling well at all and wanted to just pull her hair out.  Poor sick girl.

Tim and Megan...we had some fun little snack (cheese crackers) to go with our special time!

Emily- a little happier being able to hold an egg!

Megan- happy with the results!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Megan's 1st Awana Grand Prix

Megan was able to be in her first Awana Grand Prix yesterday!! She was so excited to have a car to race (although she thought the race was long!). She had originally told us she was going to paint her car pink, but then in the end she chose blue b/c she said it was Emily's favorite color. (I am not sure where she came to that conclusion, but I thought it was sweet that she did it for Emily.) We had some orange paint as well at the house so she did it in orange too. She got to paint the car by herself, and Tim touched it up when she was done.

Tim and Megan with their cars. Tim made a hammer head shark car!

All the kids ready to start the race!
Megan was excited about the race and that she was able to sit by her best friend, Katy!

Megan- getting ready to race her car!!
Megan- walking quickly (well, maybe it was more than walking...they were supposed to be walking!) to the end of the track to see if her car wins!
I love this one of Megan as she is her face is so excited to watch her car.

I think Megan's favorite part was racing against her best friend. She did not win against her, but I am not even sure if she knew that!

Katy and Megan- waiting on their cars.

I am sure we will have many more years to do the Grand Prix! Tim did a good job making her car, and we all had fun!