Monday, February 9, 2015

December activites

December is always a busy month.  Here are a few activities that we enjoyed during this month.

My birthday: I turned 33 Dec. 5th.  I didn't get any pictures of myself, or much of my the day.  But I did have a fun celebration.  Tim took off on my birthday (Friday) as well as the following Monday. That was the best gift to me was time with him!  Tim made calzones for my birthday dinner!  Of course, it was a fun day just to be with family.  We ended the day putting up the Christmas tree!
My only pictures other than the putting up the tree pictures from my birthday.  I had taken the kids out for a little bit to blow bubbles!  Love these girls.
Tim putting together our little Christmas tree.  We are thinking it is time to invest in a  bigger one!  This one is from our first year of marriage.

Hanging up the stockings...6 this year!

The girls in their jammies all ready to decorate!



I am usually handing out the ornaments to the girls to put on the tree, and Tim supervises  the girls.

Our sweet girls in front of our tree.
Another thing we did in December is saw Santa.  Megan missed this activity as she was at school.  The girls enjoyed this although they just wanted to sit beside him and not on his lap.   This was Timothy's first time with Santa!
Emily and Anna with Santa.  

Timothy smiling with Santa

Another wonderful thing that happened in December was that Karen got married.  WE enjoyed her small wedding and are very happy for Justin and Karen.
The happy Couple!
My girls and the grandparents sitting behind them

I love my beautiful!

My sweet hubby

Emily and her Uncle Justin

My girls love their Auntie KK. She is so sweet and loving to them. WE are so thankful that we live so close to Justin and Karen.

Megan and her Auntie KK

My parents with Justin and Karen 
My family with the bride and groom