Friday, February 24, 2017

Micah's 4th month

Micah was 24.6 inches long (35%) and 15 lbs. 11 oz. (53%) at his 4 month checkup.  He started rolling from his back to tummy .  Here are a few pictures of his 4th month.
Micah got to visit his great-Grandma Varner while she was in rehab.  He enjoyed some cuddles with her!

Micah and Ava always enjoy each other's company!

Love the smile and dimples!

So precious

Roll over big boy!

Enjoying the swing in our backyard 
The cuddles never get old. I love him so much!

Just looking through a book...

Sitting in his bumbo (on the stove..oops!)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Summer of 2016

This summer was super busy for us as well as a super fun memorable summer.  It started off with Micah's birth. Dan and Karis returned home for a year long furlough and stayed in Kansas for about a month. Dad had his 63rd birthday. Tim's parents visited us and enjoyed meeting the new grandson. Karen had her 1st baby. Mom celebrated her 61st birthday. James and Laura visited a week (It was so fun to have almost everyone here...We missed John and his family). We finished July with VBS which is always a busy time.  I will say adjusting to 5 was a little tough, but it may have had to do also with such a fun, busy, on the go summer.  I wouldn't have traded it fun to see so much family!

Here are some pictures that captured our summer.

Summer always bring fun at parks!
Timothy loves swinging!

Micah was born May 31st
 We frequently enjoy Papa and Nana's pool during the summer!

We enjoyed Big Truck Night with our PAT group.

Tim took the girls to a father/daughter date at Chick-Fil-A.  They all enjoyed that. It was actually on our 9th anniversary, but I saw this and thought they would love this!

They got to go with their cousins as well (Dan and Karis were back so Dan took his girls!)

We enjoyed a baby shower for Karen. It was so neat that Karis could be here for this.

Father's Dan...Tim is the best dad!

Lots of different activities with the cousins...this one was lunch at McDonalds.

The older cousins got their own table!

We also went to Outdoor Kansas for Kids Day which included horse rides rock wall climbing, kite flying, kayaking, and other fun activities

Timothy flying a kite

We had a fun girls night out at Olive Garden with my sisters, mom and Grandma

Such a fun time...

We loved having Grandpa and Grandma Armstrong visiting us this summer
My dad turned 63 this summer. Again, it was fun to have Dan and Karis here to celebrate this as well.

Megan and Emily took swimming lessons this summer.  The Seely cousins were able to join them in this as well.  Megan was in Level 3 and didn't quite have enough endurance to pass all the requirements for that level.  Emily was super excited to take lesson for the first time, and she will be in level 2 next year.  They all enjoyed swimming lessons.

Tim and his dad build a sandbox this summer. The girls loved playing in it!  So nice to have one big enough for the kids.

4th of July was a fun day as well. We went do a parade with the Seely and met up with some friends as well.
All lines up and ready for candy!
4th of July picture with Grandpa and Grandma

I loved every moment of the summer I had with my wonderful sister. I miss her so much when she is in Africa, but am so thankful for time I get to spend with her when she gets back. She is truly one of my best friends.  Love her so much.
A quick picture of Tim and I...We celebrated our 9 year anniversary this summer. We didn't do anything special as there was so much going on, but I am so thankful for him.  He is truly my best friend!

Grandpa playing with the kids.

Family 4th of July picture

We had our family over for the 4th to watch fireworks.  

James and Laura visited during July with their 3 girls. It was so fun to have them here.  We played many many games and stayed up way too late. Here the kids are playing with play dough.

A picture of the cousins that were together this summer (minus 2 who were sleeping). These kids had a blast playing together

We ended July with VBS.  The girls won these Brazil soccer jerseys for bringing visitors!  So fun!

And in early August, I fell going out to the van in the garage and sprained my foot.  It looks like I have another ankle bone on my foot. It hurt pretty bad, and I stayed off my foot for a couple of days.  I had a wonderful mom, Grandma, and husband that jumped in and helped me out with the kids, cooking, and cleaning.  I need to be careful on those steps. 

We had one last hurrah of the summer before school started, and that was ice cream from Braums!!

Timothy enjoying his ice cream!

Micah's 3rd month

I have to say that as we entered into Micah's 3rd month, he turned into a very content happy baby. He was probably our most fussy baby the first 2 months.  (although he had his sweet happy moments still).  It was pretty hard when we were so tired those first few weeks, but he did turn a corner. We were so thankful!!!

He is our 5th child to wear this Met's outfit!
Love the smile and double chin!


Sweet cousins

Micah loves his Great Grandma

This never gets old!

Micah's 2nd month

Here are a few pictures from Micah's 2nd month. I wasn't always good at getting pictures of Micah. (Micah was 23 in. long (58%) and 13 lbs. 7 oz. (78%) at his 2 month visit.)
Micah & Khloe
Micah's 1st 4th of cute!

Emily and Micah
Anna and Micah

Megan and Micah

Timothy and Micah

Love seeing his smile during the 2nd month!

Great-grandma had the touch!

Happy Boy

Micah got lots of love with Grandma Armstrong

Love the sleeping tired!