Saturday, August 16, 2014

4th of July

I was so excited about 4th of July this year!  Mostly b/c Tim had the whole day off and since he has been working days this year, he didn't have to sleep half the day away.  (The last couple of years, he has had to sleep during the day and then go into work b/f the fireworks are over since he was working 3rd shift.)  And he took the day off from studying for church too, so we really got to enjoy the 4th as a family!  The night before I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish/do on the 4th. Somethings were fun things for our family and a couple of honey-to-do's! The first thing we did was we got the baby room set up by bringing up the toddler bed which would be Anna's bed and then the crib would be freed up for the baby. WE had to take down a bookshelf to the basement to make things fit in the room, but we were able to get that checked off the list in the morning.  I was so thankful b/c I had been wanting to get started on getting things ready in the baby room.  We went to buy a few firewokrs for later that evening.  Then we went swimming at my mom's house which the girls really enjoyed!  We went home for naps, and then I have pictures of the rest of our day:)
Papa treated the girls to slushes from Sonic during happy hour so after naps, we enjoyed those!

What a fun treat!

We took a trip to Lowes to buy a swing as Anna was not wanting to use a baby swing any longer, so now we have 3 big girls swings!  They love it! 
Tim grilled chicken and steak and made potato salad for supper that night.  Tim wanted to use his parents' recipe for potato salad, and it turned out great.  I love it when Tim cooks!  And watermelon was a treat as well with the meal!

My grandparents and parents joined us for supper.

Tim enjoyed some soccer with the girls after supper.  Megan is trying to get the ball from 'Tim.

Go Emily!

Anna enjoying just sitting in the grass.

The girls enjoyed throwing poppers.


So adorable

Sweet Emily

Megan enjoying the sparkler

Megan is not a fan of the noise at all. 

My grandparents joined us for fireworks for some of the night.  

The sweet these girls.

Auntie KK and Justin joined us for some fireworks.

Tim and I..... Love this guy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Father's Day

I really enjoy Father's Day.  For one, I am very thankful for my own father and the influence he has had in my life in different areas. I am thankful for my father in law as I see many of Tim's wonderful characteristics in him, and I am thankful for the example he was/is to Tim.  And of course, I am SO thankful for my wonderful husband who is such a wonderful father to our 3 sweet girls!  I really want to make Father's Day a day for him to feel appreciated and loved.  So often I take Tim for granted and don't thank him for all he does for our family.   So on this day, I always want to make it special for him as I am so thankful for him!  Here are a couple of pictures from Father's Day weekend.
The girls making Tim cards.  They loved making cards for Daddy!

Megan and Emily

Anna drawing a picture for Tim.

I made calzones and pizza for Tim the day before Father's Day as I knew we would be eating lunch at my mom's house on Father's Day. He loves pizza and calzones:)  Megan and tim being cute except for the pizza hanging out of Meg's mouth...
Tim and the girls on Father's Day

The girls with Papa on Father's Day


Anna's 2nd Birthday!!

Our sweet little Anna turned 2 back on June 3rd.  She is no longer a baby and is getting so big.  She has developed such a personality.  She is very independent, strong willed, loving, fun, silly, and cute:)   She is very fun to listen to talk now as she is such a talker! (Yes, now Tim has 4 girls that love to use lots of words on him!).  She loves to play with her sisters, but also loves to annoy them (I call her Annoying Anna at those times!).  If she is bored (for example her sisters are watching a movie which she could care less about movies), she will just go and annoy them to get attention.  She gives good snuggles at naptime and nighttime as Tim or I will rock her and sing her the same songs every time: He's Able, Jesus Loves Me, Good night Anna, and Daddy/Mommy Love you.  We love our little Anna.  Here are some pictures of her special day!  ( I realized that Tim didn't get into any of these pictures with Anna...oops!)

Good Morning, My Big 2 year old! 

My mom and I took her to the Derby park so the girls could feed the ducks, walk/ride bikes around the little pond, and play at the playground.  

Anna is ready for the walk as she gets pushed in her stroller while her sisters ride their bikes.

Anna on the slide!

I had to get a few things at Walmart while in town.  Mom stayed in the van during this time.  I bought them fruit rollups for a little snack.  I believe it was Anna's first fruit rollup, and she loved it!

My little girl

Ready to make Anna's birthday cake!

Anna helping with mixing up the cake mix.

Anna and I putting sprinkles on the cake.

Anna-blowing out her candles.  Gpa, Gma, Papa, Nana, and Auntie KK came to her birthday party!

Such yummy cake and not good manners...

Anna looking at a birthday card from one of her sisters.

2 Years Old

I thought this was such a cute response by Anna. I don't what she was laughing at, but it is sure cute.

Anna riding her scooter  and wearing her helmet she got for her birthday.  She always is wanting to keep up with her sisters, and now she has a scooter just like them.