Thursday, September 29, 2011

The BIG 3-0

Tim turned 30 yesterday!! When I asked him how he felt to be turning 30, he told me that he liked being in his 20's:( Unfortunately, he had a very busy day yesterday as he worked all day and then we had Awana at night. The girls and I were able to meet him at Old Chicago for lunch where he and his co-workers celebrated his birthday. That was fun to do as we normally never see him for lunch. We ended the day celebrating with a birthday cake after Awana at my parents' house! We were thankful that Grandpa and Grandma Riffel were able to join us for that.

A family picture....Megan and I made the cake together! Megan of course loved helping. It was an easy box cake so a great one for her to help with. She helped me frost by dipping her fingers in the frosting and licking them! Tim picked a great frosting out in her eyes!Yes, you do see a heart balloon behind! Megan had it in her head that she wanted to get a birthday card with a heart on it. We couldn't find one at Dollar General so we got one with balloons. Then we spotted balloons, and of course, she had to pick out the heart balloon! At least Tim knows Megan loves her!

Tim lighting his many candles!

So thankful for grandparents to celebrate with us! My wonderful parents (wish Tim's parents could have joined us too!)
Of course, Megan has to help blow out his candles!

Emily enjoyed eating her puffs since she did not get cake and ice cream! Megan ate the chocolate frosting off the top of the cake, asked for ice cream, and when finished with that said she was done!! She was a little messy, but she thoroughly enjoyed so much sugar!

Tim, I want you to know that you are LOVED so much by the girls and me! I thank the Lord for you leading and loving us. You work so hard every day providing for us and allowing me to stay home with the girls (I REALLY appreciate that!! I know there are days that I complain about how my day has been, but I would never change staying home with them!) You come home after a long day at work and help with supper, play with the girls, go grocery shopping with me, play games, etc. The list could go on and on with your selflessness you show to us. You are my best friend and I look forward to celebrating many more birthday with you (since we aren't able to just stay in our 20's!) I love you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Emily- 8 months

Emily is now 8 months. Unfortunately, I did not take very many pictures this last month of the girls:( I need to do a better job getting my camera out!

-The biggest thing Emily started doing right at 8 months was crawling! She was really fast army crawling all over, but she figured out crawling and enjoys that now.

-She loves being pushed in this car I found at a garage sale. This was a great investment as I am getting so much use out of it. I push her in her little car while Megan rides her tricycle! Both girls love going up and down our quiet little street.

-Emily is still a really bad spitter upper:( It is so disgusting. I sometimes call her "Nasty" which my mom thinks is awful, but I still love her of course! I am hoping that she will stop this characteristic of her soon!

-It seems like she is working on teething and that she is being bothered by it, but still no teeth:( I am ready for a couple to pop through (as I am sure she is too!) As you can tell by the picture, she has had some rough days and just wants to be held or at least in the same room as me.

-Emily is still our sweet smiling baby! She is growing up so quickly, and we are enjoying going through these different stages just as much the second time around!