Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall soccer

Megan and Emily were able participate in the 2014 Fall Soccer League. They were in different leagues this year as Megan moved up to the Kindergarten league!

Emily was able to have the same coach as both girls had last season. She loved her coach and loved everything about soccer. Emily was so fun to watch as she is super aggressive and competitive (wonder where she gets that from!), is very slow and steady in her dribbling, and give us lots of thumbs up during the game with her big smile.  She ran hard when she was in there and was very tired after the game.  She was not the fastest on out there for sure, but when she got to the ball, she would slowly kick the ball towards her goal and very carefully line it up to kick it in the goal when the opportunity came.  We would laugh as we watched her out there.  She was able to score quite a bit this year (I believe she scored like 6 goals one game.  She gave us many thumbs up that games!)
Emily running after the ball.

Emily is very tired here.  She ran so hard during the times she was playing. We could tell when she got to her exhausted stage.

Megan was able to have her coach from 1 season ago.  She was glad to have him again as her coach.

 My favorite memory from her year was after her first practice, Coach Kris came up to me afterwards and said it was so nice to see Megan come out of her shell.   I knew what he had meant.  The last time Megan had played for him (which as a year ago) was just just 3 months after her meningitis/encephalitis. She couldn't physically finish a practice as she got so tired, she would just shut down the last 10-15 min.  I don't remember everything back to that time, but I am sure some of her personality had come back as well since that time.  It was neat to see Coach Kris see the difference in her as I don't notice as much of a change from a year ago as I see her everyday, but as I reflected on his comment that day, it brought thanksgiving to my heart that God had helped my little girl regain so much that she had lost.

She also had a good season.  She is the opposite of Emily in she is more relaxed/have fun during the game.  She doesn't always get in there to get the ball. But she does have fun when she plays and I have to remind myself at this age, that is what is important. She was able to score a couple of goals too!

Perfect caption of Megan-smiling as she is running. Sometimes during practice in the games they would play, she would just laugh as she ran.  Coach Kris made some comment to Megan that she may run faster if she wasn't always laughing:) 

Megan is #4

Megan with her Coach and trophey.


Timothy- 1 Month

 I don't want Timothy to grow up too quickly, but it is nice in some ways that we are to the 1 month mark.  A couple of reasons: 1) He is going about 4-4 1/2 hours of sleep at night in between feedings. 2.) Nursing is going much better!!!  He is a very good baby, and we just love his cuddles. He s 19.14 inches (although he measure 19 1/2 inches at his birth. Measuring length is a little hard to get totally accurate) which is 25%.  He weighed 7 lb. 10 oz. (50%), and his head was in the 30%.

Here are a few pictures from his first month!
Great Grandpa Riffel got to hold Timothy for the 1st time.
Great Grandma Riffel got to hold Timothy for the first time.

Megan loves holding Timothy and does a great job.

Emily is the "motherly" of the three girls and just loves him so much.

Timothy lying in his bassinet. This has gone through 2 of Karis' kids and now 4 of mine!

Cuddles with Emily

Gotta watch Anna as she is rough, but she does love him.

Auntie KK loves getting cuddles from Timothy

HE is definitely a great catch!! Love baby boy clothes!

Tim relaxing as TImothy sleeps on him.

Megan is trying to entertain Timothy with her toy.
Timothy's first Sunday in church. Daddy kept him in the nursery during the evening service.

Timothy slept his first time in church away!

One of his sisters gave him a little stuffed bunny to play with.

Not a huge fan of his first bath...

But he got used to it....

But he hated getting out of the water.

cute overalls

Timothy in deep thought!
Grandpa and Grandma Armstrong came for a visit to see Timothy.  They were so sweet to come and help us as we adusted to our 4th one!

Grandma Armstrong loves giving babies baths so she got to give Timothy a couple of baths.

Timothy and Grandpa snoozing away.

The famous picture with Grandma and his chocolate for the baby.

Grandma Armstrong enjoying her cuddles.