Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tim's Big Day Tomorrow

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Tomorrow is Tim's birthday so if you would like to give him a shout out with your comment, I am sure he would love it. I am so excited about it. I have arranged our little kitchen table as his birthday table and put his gifts from me on there as well as a few cards he has already received. We are going to be having lasagna for lunch (with ricotta cheese!!! for him!!!). Unfortunately we both have to work that night, but we will still make the best out of his birthday. So, I just wanted to give warning to all that Tim will be 26 tomorrow!!!!! I will post pictures of things tomorrow and over the weekend!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Few Unshed Tears

Today I started my new schedule at work which means I was off today. It is so wonderful to get a three day weekend. I decided that I would go out with Katrina Hines to Sweethaven (my old school) to go to volleyball practice with her and have some fun with my old volleyball girls. It was a little weird turning into the parking lot. After driving there for three years in a row, I had not been there since May. So as I arrived, I saw Mrs Joungblood (3rd grade teacher and a great friend of mine. She was always a wonderful help to me especially when I started) outside for recess so I went out and said hey to her. (The 4th grade class was out as well.) When I got outside, many of the kids recognized me (although I had not had any in my previous classes), and ran up shouting Miss Varner, hi and giving me hugs. When I went inside the building to see my students from last year, I got so many hellos and hugs. I missed them so much. I wanted to be able to talk to them and see how each of them were doing. They all wanted to know if I liked marriage and see my rings, and asked where I worked, and such. They wanted to know if we lived with the snake and how the snake was doing. (Luckily Tim got rid of the snake and he does not reside with us!!) IT was so much fun just to see my kids even for 5 minutes. I also saw some of my kids from 2 years ago. Then I was able to participate in practice with my old volleyball girls. It was just so much fun. I miss being able to coach and have the connections with the older group of girls. They were definitely so much fun to work with and a very teachable team the last two years and improved so much in volleyball. (Heather Dunn, I am expecting a comment from you. I know you read my blog, and now I am talking your wonderful volleyball team!!) It made me a little sad that I was not teaching and coaching again and having my own kids again this year. But in the end, like I always tell people, I definitely enjoy teaching much more than my new job, BUT I definitely treasure the time I get to spend with Tim and I definitely enjoy it MUCH MORE than teaching. If I could teach 4th grade night class from 3-11 at night, I would definitely do that, but since that will never work, I will be thankful to the Lord for His provision of a job that fits Tim schedule. Also, I am so thankful to have ended teaching 4th grade last year on a great note. I had 3 wonderful years at Sweethaven, had the best classes, and would not have asked for more. I really see the Lord's hand in making last year of my teaching to be my last year!! He knew exactly what was best for me/us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am still alive!

I have not blogged for over a month. That is horrible. I always check Google reader and read everyone else's blog, but then do not blog myself. I do not have a lot of good reasons because I have had pictures that I have been wanting to post for awhile....yes, that includes the wedding pictures. I guess my excuse is that Tim has had his computer at the church for about a month now as he has been working on a paper...I downloaded my wedding pictures on his computer a few days before he took it to the church. Now yes, I do have a computer, but it has been having issues such as my cord overheating and getting singed. So I had to buy another big it off of eBay at a good price. Well this next cord has decided to start doing the same thing and has gotten a little bit ruined. So...I now can only use my computer w/o the plug...which doesn't take long for the battery to run down. When it gets low, I turn off my computer and let it get cool again, so I can plug it in and get it recharged(thankfully the cord is not ruined yet!). I think that my fan on my computer is not working ( if it even has a fun, something is not working and it is overheating I guess...I do not know much about computers!) N-way, I figure I can use this computer like this as it does work, (although it is a pain), but at least it is not costing us money....that was my only excuse, but like I say, not a very good one.

I will update you on what is going on in our life now though. Tim has been extremely busy with work and school...After this week, it should hopefully slow down. I am on my last week of on the job training at HSBC. Work is going going okay. I am still learning a lot, but I am getting used to being on the phone talking to card holders. I am loving being able to be home and cook lunch for us to eat together and then heading off to work. The first three weeks, I work 9-6 and never really saw Tim nor cooked much at all, so working at nights now is great!!

Tim, James (brother), and I are going to make a trip to ABC this weekend to watch our little sister play in a volleyball game. We are excited to go see her and see the campus where she is attending college. I know she is pumped as well to have family come and see her. It will be an all day Saturday trip. I am going to get to see one of my old volleyball girls I coached last year as well as ABC is playing Piedmont and she is a freshman there this year so that is exciting for me as well.

Well, I will close for now. I will post pictures as soon as Tim brings home his computer. His computer is much better than mine and it will be quicker and easier.