Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fun pictures of my girls

I wanted to stick a few pictures of the girls as I usually update Timothy every month, but not the girls.  So hear a few pictures I loved seeing of them as I went through pictures.

I loved seeing them draw this picture the week of Easter.  Megan drew it according to a picture she remembered from a lesson in Awana. The other girls followed her in their drawings.  

Rose Hill Easter Egg Hunt. We all got out the door without bringing a jacket for Emily, and it was chillier than we thought so I put my jacket on Emily, and Tim gave me his.  At least we made it on time.

All the girls got plenty of eggs

Anna spelled her name out with blocks at a PAT activity

Emily spelled out her name with blocks as well.

We got to go to a Mother/Daughter luncheon at our church for Mother's Day. Anna was sick that day so only the older two got to go with me.  

My girls LOVE lettuce.  They will eat it up like rabbits!

Love this picture of Grandpa reading the girls a story.  Megan started a game of school with Grandpa as the teacher. They would all go over there and Grandpa would teach them school. Very cute!

Another PAT even that we enjoyed.  The girls got all pretty in their hats and we enjoyed a little tea at the school.  Emily and Anna loved it.

Some play dough fun...The girls really enjoy this activity.  I always enjoy their creations!

The girls love searching for rolly pollies.  It keeps them so entertained!

The girls enjoying Charlotte's Web with Grandpa!
Fun in the Leaves 
Poor Megan somehow got on the bottom...

Sweet Sisters 

Timothy-9 months

 I don't have a ton of pictures for his 9 month, but I will post what I have!  Little guy is already 3/4ths of a way to 1 year old.  It is going by too quickly.  
Love this picture of Timothy with his Great- Grandpa!  So thankful we live right behind them so we can visit often. Timothy enjoys going to their house and crawling all over!

Timothy is now walking behind his little walker.

Love this picture of Zane reading a book to Timothy in the nursery!  
Timothy enjoys getting in on the action with his sisters. He joined the girls for a little snack!
Timothy enjoying a ride from Grandma on Grandpa's walker!
This doesn't happen often, but when he does fall asleep on me, I love it!

He loves the swing!
His shirt says it all...Captain Adorable!

And his smile...Love it. He is such a happy baby!
Timothy with his Daddy!