Friday, December 2, 2011

Emily-10 months

Now that Emily is 3 days away from 11 months, I better get this posted!!

Emily enjoyed walking in her walker, but would run into walls, etc and get frustrated...
Emily is watching her first parade.
Emily LOVES her big sister (Although sometimes, she get very frustrated by Megan's tough love to her!) Here they are watching a movie while Megan holds her.

Emily and Megan enjoying reading books together.

Emily got to go to her first Pumpkin Patch! Of course, she won't remember it, but we have some fun pictures of it!

Emily was able to enjoy the big slide at the Pumpkin Patch. She loved it!
Emily with her mama and sister!
Emily picking out her first pumpkin. We got a small one for her!

Emily spends a lot of time in her stroller as we do different activities with Megan (such as the Pumpkin Patch, etc.). She normally does well and doesn't complain!

Other things that she has done in this month (that I can remember!):

-She says dada all the time. She loves her dada, and when he gets home from work in the mornings, she gets a huge smile, laughs and wants him to hold her!

-She gives kisses. One of the cutest things is when I ask for a kiss, she will lean over to kiss me and then lean over to kiss Tim, then laugh and then do it all over again!

- She said bath for the first time this month...sounded like ba. She loves her baths!!!