Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Timothy's First Birthday!

Timothy turned 1 years old Aug. 30, 2015.  Can't believe how quickly the year flew by. He was a very sweet and easy baby during his first year.  Here is some pictures of his special day!

The birthday boy ready for his breakfast.  He is such a happy little guy!

My big boy!

Getting some loving from his Great-grandma

Such a big boy!

Picking a little at the cupcake frosting...

And then he starts to dig in and enjoy!

He had a bath after his cupcake.

Timothy enjoyed opening his presents!

A super fun present he got from G & G A!

So much fun for the birthday boy!

Megan's first day of school

Megan started 1st grade in Aug. 2015 (yes, way behind in  my blogging!).  She was very nervous for 1st grade, and very sad she wasn't able to have Mrs. Santo again as a teacher.  I must say though she settled in very well, and her teacher this year is amazing. Just a few pictures from her 1st day of school!
I will not share the whole story, but God worked it out for Megan to have the best teacher for her this year.  Originally, Mrs. Titus was assigned her teacher.  I won't go into detail here on on everything, but I want to remember this b/c of God working through this situation!

Walking to school on the first day

My sweet little first grader!

Megan at her desk..looking a little nervous

Megan with her teacher whom she has grown to love so much!