Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day and then some

Don't have a lot to update on this blog...just wanted to put up some new pictures. We did enjoy our Valentine's weekend. Tim and I were able to go out on Friday night (Auntie Karen babysat Megan. Megan seemed to enjoy her time with her Aunt. Karen even gave her a bath which she loves! Thanks Karen!) Tim and I went to Italiano's and enjoyed pizza!! We enjoyed having the evening together. We also watched a movie that night after we picked up Megan.

I was telling Tim that the last two Valentine's Days have been special because in 2008, it was our first one as a married couple. In 2009, it was our first one with Megan. (No, there are no plans for a first next year though!)

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband though. He is my best friend, and I love him so much. I am also so thankful for Megan. She is such a wonderful gift from the Lord!

Enjoy the pictures! (Dad A., Aren't you proud of me that I kept my written post so short and put up pictures!!!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Growing every day

It is amazing that Megan seems to be growing every day and changing so much. Here are some changes that she has been experiencing in the last weeks/days.
1. She is starting to really enjoy playing with her toys. She loves anything that she can hold onto and put into her mouth. It is so much fun to watch her enjoy toys now!
2. She always wants to be standing or sitting up (unless she is extremely tired, but she has to be really tired)! Her muscles are getting strong. In fact, when she is in her car seat now, she is constantly trying to raise her head.
3. She is starting to walk...kind of. The other day, we were letting her stand up on the ground, and she started taking steps. it was so cute. The steps are slow, and obviously we are holding most of her weight.
4. She definitely giggles now! It is so cute to hear her laugh.
5. Of course, she is continuing to enjoy talking! One quick story on her talking and laughing. The other day, she was just going on and on making noises (talking) non-stop. I was of course smiling really big and interacting with her. I told her after a while, that she was not allowed to be a preacher because she was a girl. And she just laughed really loud. It was hilarious. I told her that statement again and she laughed. (Tim was sleeping, and he heard her laughing.) It was just so funny!
6. She is definitely slobbering a lot these days. (I am not sure if I enjoy this change!)

Okay, so I am sure you can all tell I am a first time parent, but I am loving it! Enjoy the pictures! (Also, enjoy the video...sorry there is no is from my camera, and no sounds came with the video on it???)