Monday, October 20, 2014

Megan's Starts school

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to get a post on Megan's first day of school.  She started Kindergarten this school year.  It was her first time going to any school (I did preschool at home with her), and she was VERY excited.  I was sad that she would be gone all day, but happy as she was so excited about this big step in her life.  Here are a few pictures of her first day of school.
Megans choice of cereal for her first day was Frosted Flakes.  She was very excited about school although in this picture you can't tell as she just woke up.  

Tim and Megan-  A sweet picture of these two before Tim left for work.

How is she old enough for kindergarten already?

I just love this girl!

Nana and Megan- Nana came over in the morning so I could just walk over with Megan and leave the other two girls with her.  It was nice to just be able to concentrate on Megan this morning.  Oh, and Nana was also sad to see her going off to school.  

Emily wasn't awake when it was time for Megan to leave, so I decided to wake her up. I thought Emily would be pretty sad if she wasn't able to tell her bye.  These two are just best friends.  

Megan's desk

Megan with her teacher Mrs. Santo- Since Megan is our first to start school, we didn't know anything about the teachers other than what we heard from others.  We had heard that all the kindergarten teachers were good, but Mrs. Santo had received a lot of praise from others.  When we received the postcard in the mail that Mrs. Santo was her teacher, I was very thankful to the Lord for giving her as Megan's first teacher!

This is actually the 2nd day. Most mornings, we walk to school. The girls have done very well in the mornings eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and doing hair.  We do the same routine every morning and so far so good.  We didn't practice getting up early before school started, but we did work on a routine every morning so they knew what to expect when school started.

Megan and Emily walk while Anna (and Timothy now!) ride in the stroller.

What a blessing that Megan's best friend Katy was also in her class.  She actually got to sit by her at the beginning of the year.

Another picture of these sweet friends!

It is a couple of months into the school year now, and we are so pleased with how the year has started. Megan loves kindergarten and really loves her teacher.  She is ready to go to school each morning and usually comes home happily sharing with us about her day. I feel like going to school has given her a desire and excitement to learn.  She will write her letters on her own and even wanted to read a book to her class.  (When I worked with her on preschool, he did the work, but never seemed to enjoy writing her letters or sounding out words.  She would do it when I did it with  her, but that was it.)   She has made new friends and has adjusted so well.  We have also adjusted here at home with not having her here.  The girls were so lost without here the first few days.  My favorite part of day is going to pick her up from school. I miss her so much when she is gone.   I am so thankful out this year has gone so far.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Summer swimming!

 We spent lots of time swimming this summer.  We swam probably 4-5 times a week at my mom's house, and then we were able to go to Rock River Rapids  (a water park) 2 times as well.  I found that this was a fun age to take the girls swimming as they all were fine on their own as long as they had their floaties on.  As far as Rock River Rapids, the girls won free passes through a reading program so that was a fun treat.  We went the first time as a family.  It was a last fun event as a family before baby was born.  The 2nd time, I decided to take the three kids by myself (I was around 37 weeks pregnant so I was not too sure about going by myself, but then I thought, I should do as much as I can with the girls before the baby came.).  I met up with a couple of friends (we had a total of 13 kids between the three of us.).  It was a fun afternoon.

Emily and Anna ready to jump in.  

Anna being silly

Megan really enjoyed swimming this year as she was able to take her 1st year of swimming lessons.  She passed as it was just a beginning and more of getting used to the water.  She loved swimming lessons, and I could see much improvement with her in the water.

Megan and Emily riding their "horses"

Ready to go to the water park....Megan took her swimming lessons at Rock River Rapids, so everyone was excited to be able to go and have fun there!

Playing on the floatables

Megan is loving the water park.

Making sweet memories




Tim and Megan

We were able to have some good friends over to my mom's pool for swimming fun!

Megan and Katy

Enjoying snacks

Some more swimming after snack time

Such a fun summer full of much swimming!