Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet Sisters

I just can't take enough pictures of Megan and Emily together! They love each other so much and are fun to watch together! Megan enjoys loving on her sister (sometimes too rough though!), and Emily loves the attention she gets from her. Here are some of the pictures of the 2 girls together! Enjoy!

I really hope they grow up to be best friends!

Happy 6 Months

I can't believe Emily is already 6 months (as of July 5th). She had her 6 month checkup and was 15 pounds (25%) and 26 1/4 inches (75%).

She is rolling both ways all over the floor. (I now need to vacuum more often as well as make sure small objects are not on the floor.) She is into everything now including her sister's toys. This makes for a fun "encouraging" pep talk with Megan to share her toys and be kind!

She is not yet sitting up (getting close though!). She does open and close her hand like she is waving which is cute (Of course, she does not understand the hi and bye part yet....). .

She went swimming for the first time this last month. Someone from Tim's work gave us this swimsuit...so cute!

She just started saying mama a few days after she turned 6 months (July 9). This made me so happy!

She is often the enjoyment of Megan's play! Megan loves putting stickers on her!

She experienced her first 4th of July! She looked so cute in her Patriotic outfits that were given to us by my oldest sister. She is the 4th girl to wear these outfits!

We finally started her on rice cereal right at 6 months. We have been meaning to start before this, but just never got around to it. (the life with a 2nd child....things just sometimes get put aside...). She also has not slept as well the last couple of weeks and has been waking up b/t 6"30-7 instead of the 7:30. Her afternoon naps have been off a little too. I am hoping this is b/c of teething???

We just love Emily Grace and are so thankful for her! We are enjoying her as she seems to be changing so much!