Thursday, January 24, 2013

Emily is 2!!

Emily turned 2 January 5th!  We love our little girl and are so thankful for her!

When I think of describing her, many words come to mind...

Happy-Emily is such a happy toddler.  Her smile comes so easily and just shines so brightly!

Independent-Emily's most frequent phrase has to be "I do it".  She is SUPER independent and wants to do everything on her own.  Even little things like holding my hand while walking in a parking lot or across the street she fights.  She fights riding in the grocery cart while I shop.  I tell you what-this girl gives us a run for our money.

Lovable- Something I absolutely love about Emily is that she is a cuddly little girl.  She always wants to "rocky" before she naps or goes to bed at night.  She will cuddle right in and want us to sing to her. Her two favorites songs are Jesus Loves Me and Butterfly (If I were a Butterfly).  The other thing that I love is that she always has to give hug/kiss before saying goodbye.  If not, she is very distraught and will just cry hug/kiss, hug/kiss.

Stubborn- I am sure every kid is this way to a certain point-wants their own way.

Silly- Emily is such a goofy little kid.  She makes us laugh so much and bring much entertainment to
          our house.

 Busy-She is always on the go.  She keeps us parents hopping...

Cute- No need for explanation!

A few facts about Emily:
Emily is a super fun child. She loves her sisters so much, She has rough love with Anna at this point.  She is Megan's little sidekick, and although they have their moments, they do have a lot of fun playing together.  She always tries to keep up with Megan the best she can.  She wants to be involved in everything that is happening...doesn't ever want to be left out.   She is talking very well now and loves to talk.  She also LOVES singing and has just recently started learning most of the words to the songs we sing frequently. We worked a little on potty training and she does pretty well with it (Not potty trained yet, but we sit her on it once or twice a day and she will go!).  She is way too attached to her paci (which she calls her "eye"...not sure why she calls it that, but her eye and paci are the same words. She usually only gets it at nighttimes and naptimes, unless we are desparate!).  Her favorite show to watch on netflix is "Wheels on the Bus".  She looks super cute in a little pony tail, but she never keeps it in.   We love our Emily Grace so much and are so thankful for her.  We pray that  God would give us wisdom as we try to teach her the Truths of the Gospel and give us widsom in how to train her.  We pray that God would show save her and give heart to love him with all her heart.

And to end on a few pictures of her...
So fun to play with Megan!

Sweet sisters

Yes, I am even crazy when sitting on a potty chair.

Whatever Megan does, Emily does.

Playing with her best friend

Emily adores Anna,but is so rough. 

She loves her daddy!

Paci + Hand on head=Tired

Cute picture with Daddy and cute little pigtails

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Anna is just reaching these month birthdays so quickly....7 months already.  Some memories from the 7th month:

This month was a crazy month for Anna as Uncle Dan and Auntie Karis and family were in Kansas for about 3 weeks.  Prior to this time, she was on a great schedule sleeping 10-11 hours a night and taking good naps.  But during the time they were here, we spent as much time with them as we could.  A couple of nights, the girls went shopping and I took her with us.  We had other late nights.  I stayed the night at my mom's quite a bit with Tim working 3rd shift (and I had seen a mouse at our house which I hate!) and sleeping in another bed was hard to get used to.  Anyhow, it was worth her to get off schedule so we could be with my sister and her family!  I do not regret it one bit.  We had so much fun making memories and spending time with them. Her Uncle Dan, Auntie, Karis, and her cousins gave her lots of love! 
Such a cute picture of Elliot and Anna!

Krista and Anna. 

Love the smiles here of Kayla and Anna. Both Krista and Kayla loved holding Anna and were so good with her!

Auntie Karis LOVED Anna so much and loved getting her cuddles!

Kayla is playing with Anna here! Love it!

Anna celebrated her first Christmas.  She got some fun presents from grandparents and aunts and uncles. 
A family picture the Sunday of the Children's Christmas program

Opening presents...well, I should say Tim opening her presents!

Auntie Karis got a cute picture of Anna under the Christmas tree.

The picture that went on our Christmas cards

She now has 2 teeth.  They came within 2 days of each other. 

She weighed in at 16 lbs. 8 ounces and was 27 1/2 inches tall.

She got her 1st pictures done at JC Penneys.  She did SO well.  I think they took pictures of her like 5 minutes and were done.  She smiled so big for all of her pictures.  

She smiles so easy!
She had the privilege of seeing both sets of my grandparents this month.  The grandparents enjoyed holding her!

Great Grandma Varner and Anna

Great Grandma Riffel and Anna

Great Grandpa Riffel and Anna
Anna was able to go to Florida for the 1st time to see her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  She stayed in her first hotel on the trip and took her first flight on a plane.  She did very well with traveling overall.  (The trip home was a little hard as she had to be in her car-seat
 for so long.)

Anna enjoying her stay at the hotel

Anna in the midst of lots of family...just eating her toy not phased by all the people.

Aunt Dianne playing with Anna.  She had lots of attention this week!

Love the smiles of Aubrey and Anna

Aunt Talitha getting ready to feed Anna her first bite of ice cream cake!
Anna was all about the cake!

"It was so yummy, Grandma!"

Uncle Dave just loved Anna.  He played with her a lot!
She is starting to get up on all fours.  Not crawling yet, but she does manage to move all around the room!  I am going to have to vacuum more now that she is all over! 
She is such a fun sweet little girl!