Friday, April 5, 2013


Alive, alive, alive forevermore
My Jesus is alive, alive forevermore
Alive, alive, alive forevermore
My Jesus is alive!

Sing hallelujah, sing hallelujah
My Jesus is alive forevermore
Sing hallelujah, sing hallelujah
My Jesus is alive!

This is the song Megan sang at our church with the children for Easter.  It was so wonderful again to concentrate on Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection this year!  He is alive and has conquered sin and death...Hallelujah!

We had a wonderful week following up to Easter Sunday.  We did a few fun things during the week.  Megan and Emily enjoyed two Easter Egg Hunts the last week.  One was with Parents as Teachers and the other was was with the city.  They LOVED both of them.  
Megan and Emily with their Easter baskets after the City Easter Egg Hunt. 
Sunday was a very busy day for us as Tim went to our Sunrise Service.  We had an Easter breakfast at church, followed by Sunday School, then the Morning Service.  It was a wonderful day celebrating our Saviour's Resurrection with our church family.  We had a special service in the AM with some monologues from different perspectives on the crucifixion/resurrection (Peter, Thomas, etc.) and some special music to go with that. Following the service, we ate at my mom's house for a delicious lunch.  (Unfortunately, Tim just went home to bed after church as he needed to sleep all afternoon and go to work that night.)  

 Here are a few pictures from Easter Sunday...
Family picture
Kathy Beaty gave this outfit to us for Anna to wear.  It was a first Easter outfit and the weather on Sunday was perfect for it!  She was so cute!
Auntie KK with Anna

Loved her little Easter tutu skirt

My wonderful sister Karen and I

Emily in her little cute dress.  I believe Auntie KK bought this for Megan a couple of years ago for her Easter dress.  Love it that we can hand down these cute dresses!
Auntie KK bought Megan this dress for her for Easter.  Auntie KK loves her little nieces, and we are all so glad she lives close by!

Justin bought the girls some playdough for them to enjoy and it was a perfect distraction for them until lunch was ready!

My sweet grandparents were able to be with us all weekend!  We LOVED seeing them.  They look so nice!

I love this picture.  Grandma just loves facebook and keeping up with her family Her and Grandpa look at it together as Grandpa reads to her the posts and such!  They are too cute!
We are so thankful for Christ's love for us as sinners and His willingness to come into this world as a human and die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Anna- 9 months

Well, now that she is officially 10 months today, I will get a post up for her of 9 months! She weighed 19 pounds exactly when I weighed her this month.  She is just getting so big. Here are some memories!!
Anna's first Valentine's Day.  Here she is reaching for a heart shaped crust that we used to make heart pizzas with. 
Anna with her daddy on Valentine's Day.  Such a big smile from Anna.  Love her crazy hair.  I had put her hair in a little ponytail the day before and had done nothing with it on this particular day...  

Anna's first time out in the snow! Such a cute picture of the sisters!
She was not excited about it at first.  She lost the gloves that  were on her hands, and her hat had slipped over her eyes.

Once she could see again, she settled down.
She started to get a little excited about it until...

... she touched the snow which was very cold.  She did not last very long outside.

Anna's first busted lip.  She fell out of her high chair.  Let's just say this particular week, she also got both hands stuck in a sticky mouse trap.  Not a great week for her. 

Anna started pulling herself up to a standing position during this month.  The lovely decorations on the walls is from Megan!

Anna standing up with one hand...getting a little too brave!
I was trying to get another picture of her standing up with one hand, but obviously that didn't last too long!  An action shot of her falling down.

She loves getting in on the wrestling action with her daddy!

At times, she plays so nicely with her sisters (when they are playing with different toys at least!) Anna likes to get into the same toys her sisters are playing with.

We all love our sweet cuddles with Anna!