Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family update!

Well, I want to get in at least one more post before Baby #3 arrives!  I am 37 weeks pregnant today, and we are very excited about welcoming a baby girl into our family in the next few weeks!! 

Megan is now 3 1/2!  Can't believe she is over halfway to 4 years old.  She is such a big girl these day.  She is a ton of fun and keeps us laughing!  We obviously have our moments, but she is such a joy to us!   Just a few pictures of her:
She is a very happy girl.  She loves talking, and we get to hear many stories and ideas (idedas as she would say!) from her!

Megan LOVES her bike.  She now is able to ride to parks, the library, etc.  She also frequently just rides up and down our driveway.       

Many times, she will play with other things after riding around in the driveway and just leaves on her helmet.  Here is is working on a garden!  She has quite the imagination.  She collects rocks, grass, sand, leaves and puts those items in a bucket for bird food!  She is always able to find something to do outside!

Speaking of imagination.  I came back to her room one night to find her asleep (which is what she was supposed to be doing!).  She had apparently been having some fun playing and made some steps to her bed with her books.  Can I say it is so hard to keep her room clean, but she does have a lot of fun!!

She LOVES her sister and LOVES helping her sister!!  So sweet!

WE still find her in silly positions while she sleeps.

I love my sweet Megan!

 Emily is 16 months old!  Can't believe how big she is getting too.  She is starting to talk so much more and has a fun personality!  She is my cuddlebug and will just crawl into my lap at anytime!  (I love it!).  She has her moments of screaming (agh...) to which Tim and I are trying to teach her that screaming is bad, and to use her words.  (She needs to get some more words in her vocab..but we are getting there!).  Overall though, she is a happy girl with lots of smiles! Here are a few pictures of Emily...

Can't find a sweeter face than this!

She loves swinging and the park as well.  She is getting to where she is able to go up the stairs and down the slides by herself (although we are still by her !)

She loves playing outside as well. 

She enjoys riding on the back of Tim's bike as well!  She is always trying to get on Megan's bike and wants to ride it, but she is just too small.  She just needs to grow a little taller so she can ride the tricycle!

I love my little cuddlebug!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

First off, I have to say Happy Mother's day to my wonderful mom who has been such a godly example to me throughout my whole life.  I can truly say that I hope I can be just like her and have her servant's heart.  It is very awesome to live so close to her where my girls can see her so often.  She is a wonderful Nana to them!!

Megan enjoying some hot chocolate with Nana
Emily and Nana
Also, Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother-in-law. I am thankful for her especially in her being a godly mother in the raising of her son! (I have the best husband!) We don't get to see her near as much as we would like to, but try to enjoy the times we can.
Megan with her Grandpa and cousin
Grandma getting some cuddles from Emily!

I am also very thankful to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to be a mother!  I love my little girls.  I have learned a lot and still have a lot to learn!  Here are some pictures from my Mother's Day weekend! 
Megan and I went to the Mother's Day Luncheon together!  Emily stayed with Tim as it was during her nap time, and she would not have been able to sit still and such so it was a special little date with Meggers!  Megan did not really cooperate for pictures as she kept looking away:(
A sweet kiss from Megan
Emily getting in on the action! It is funny b/c Megan loves wearing dresses, and Emily seems to be picking up on that love!

Mother's Day picture...I love my little girls!

Tim gave me these beautiful flowers, and the girls made these little hand/foot prints!  So special

Megan's first year of Cubbies!

Megan was able to participate in her first year of Cubbies this year!  She loved it.  I am so thankful for the opportunity for her to be in Awana where she can learn Bible verses, hear Bible stories, and play games!  I was in Awana all the way up until 8th grade and still remember many of the Bible verses that I learned in it!  She did a great job learning her Bible verses.  Her teacher (Mrs. Charlene) was just wonderful.  She worked with Megan so patiently as she adjusted to a more structured time and learning to sit still and be quiet! (She still has a lot of learning to do in sitting still and being quiet of course!
Here are some pictures to remember her first year of Awana!

Megan with her Awana book....She loved Awana!

Playing with some balls before Awana started

Her little Cubbie classroom with some of the Cubbies!

Megan got to be in Cubbies with her best friend Katy!!

Megan- picking something out of the Awana store

Megan loved game time.  I enjoyed getting to watch her a couple of times!! So fun!!
Grand Prix
Crazy hair night

Awards night
Megan- getting her certificate from her wonderful teacher!