Thursday, March 26, 2015

A quick post on Christmas Eve/Christmas 2014

Dec. 24th- We got to hang out at my mom's house and make cinnamon rolls with the girls. My mom is so patient with the girls in letting them help.  It is always a special time when we get to spend time with my mom.
Emily was very excited to help my mom.

Anna helping spread the butter

Timothy just hanging out in his chair.

Megan spreading out the brown sugar

My sweet girls and I.  I love them so much
We had a Christmas Eve service that evening at our church that was a wonderful time.   We came home that night, and they each opened up one present which was jammies for them to wear to bed that night!

My kiddos with their new jammies

Emily with her Hello Kitty jammies.  She looks so happy in them, but her first reaction was sadness and crying as she wanted to have the same jammies as Anna which were Dora and purple (her favorite color).  We took that opportunity to remind her to be thankful and not complain.  Her attitude did change to thankfulness after a little pep talk. 
Sweet Megan in her princess jammies

Anna in her Dora Jammies

Tim and Timothy- Timothy got some cute camouflage Santa jammies.
For Christmas,the girls opened their stockings in the morning.
Ready, Set, Go!

Timothy is just happy!  Not sure where his stocking is....

They all got electric toothbrushes which was very exciting for them.
 We went to my mom's house for brunch with my grandparents. The cinnamon rolls were AWESOME!  Then, Tim and I took the girls to the zoo for a couple of hours(we still had our zoo passes and it was a nice day!).  My mom kept Timothy with her. It was such a nice day at the zoo and not many people there on Christmas day!
Timothy's first Christmas

Nana and Timothy

My wonderful grandparents

Tim, Anna, and, Megan catching a ride at the zoo.

Emily and I

The girls love playing at the park...we were the only ones there on this day!  

Park fun

Park fun

The girls posing on the lion

Love this picture
 That evening, my grandparents and parents came over to our house to open a few gifts.
The girls getting ready to listen to Luke 2 and then open gifts.

Megan opening up her gifts

My wonderful grandpa

Grandma had a helper opening her presents.

A quick picture of our family on Christmas

My two men!

He enjoyed his first Christmas

This picture was actually the Sunday after Christmas with all the kids dressed up. I love my kiddos!