Saturday, August 27, 2011


Megan is almost 2 years and 10 months...can't believe she will be 3 in a couple of months. Of course, she is excited for her birthday, and well, I am both excited and sad! I have not done a post on her for a while. (I am just so bad at keeping up...I am going to try to do better so I have memories for these younger years!)

Megan loves dressing herself, and well, as you can tell, sometimes her selections don't always go quite together...enjoy these next pictures!
Megan enjoys having some kind of shoes on her feet as well a scarf around her neck and a head band on her head! She is enjoying a little dancing here! She keeps us laughing!

Megan sporting a different kind of outfit with her sunglasses and a sombrero!

Megan has some kind of imagination...sleeping under the rug in the living room using it as her blanket??!!

Megan absolutely loves playing with this Little People farm and animals. She has a tractor with it and loves her little people school bus as well! These are her favorites!!

Megan loves swimming at her Nana's house! She "swims" everywhere in the pool with these floaties on. A couple times, she has tried without the floaties and has found out she goes right under the water! She is very comfortable in the water...,maybe a little too comfortable!

She loves wearing this hat. In fact it is a little too small, but she still crams it on there. I need to go and buy her a hat that fits since she loves wearing it so much.

Katy is her BEST friend. She always wants to play with her. In fact, she has recently starting having her as an imaginary friend that she plays with at the house. She has a chair for her to eat in and feeds her lunch. We even took Katy to Lowes the other day...she just can't get enough play time with her best friend!

She enjoys playing with play dough. She is very creative in what she makes!!!

She loves playing games. She enjoys Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald had a Farm, Don't Spill the Beans, Hi Ho Cherry-o, Candy Land, and Hungry Hippos. This has been a fun transition for me as I have always enjoyed games as well!

Our biggest battle right now with her is settling down to go to sleep. She used to be a great sleeper and go right to sleep. (I thought this was an area that we had "in the bag". I guess I will never think that again!) In the last couple of months, this has been our biggest challenge with her. She went through a really bad phase of just getting out of her bed and walking to us (something she never did, just happened out of the blue). Long story short, we are still trying to figure out how to get this situation worked out...we have tried a lot of things, but well, not much progress it seems.We love our little Meggers...what joy she is to us!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Emily- 7 months!

Emily is now 7 months. (I am behind on posts, but I want to catch up a little because I am so bad at documenting things if I don't put them on here!) I weighed her at 7 1/2 months, and she was 16 pounds. Here is what happened between her 6th and 7th month.....

Of course, she is still as cute as ever!!!

She started sitting up just a couple days after turning 6 months.

She started eating baby food (We got started with her later than Megan b/c things were just busier, and we did not get around to it sooner!) She ate squash, sweet potato, and greenbeans. She started out very slow with eating as we could not get her to open her mouth. I think it was almost 2 weeks b/f she finally started opening her mouth quickly. I thought she would never get it!
She loves playing with Megan's toys. This has been a good "opportunity" for Megan to work on sharing! She gets everywhere by rolling over!!!

Emily and Megan took their first bath together. Megan wanted to help me bathe Emily so I decided to put her in with her. They did very well together!!

Emily started her cheesy smile during this time as well. She started doing this as she was playing with Chelsea!! (This is not the best picture of it, but it was the best I could get!)

She started saying mama and knows who I am!! So special!!!!!