Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More to Follow

Hey Everyone!
Kristen and I just got back from the Pocono's (where we had a great time!) and are getting settled in to our new appartment, and will be posting a whole lot of pictures and funny stories just as soon as we can.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

One more week!!

Let the countdown continue. I had big plans to post about what we have all been doing getting ready for the wedding and even posting a few pictures, but as you can tell, it is not going to happen tonight. But...I do want to keep our countdown going so I will post really quickly before I go to bed. We have been getting a lot accomplished since I have been here the last week and half. I am so thankful for my family who is helping me so much and for Tim who has been doing quite a few things for me as well. He has been busy in Virginia finishing his lists of things to do as well as working. My friends from Alabama start arriving tomorrow. The rest of my family get here Wednesday as well as Tim and the some of his family. The rest of his family and his groomsmen will be getting here on Thursday and Friday. I am sure this week will fly by so hopefully we will all be walking in the Spirit as we try to get many things accomplished before Saturday!! God has been so good to us thus far, and I know He will continue to give us strength to get through this next week!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


In case anyone is wondering what is in two more weeks, I will be glad to inform you.....our wedding!!!!!! It is getting so close. My mom and I have been getting some things done here inKansas and running a lot of errands. Tim has been busy in Virginia getting moved out of his house and cleaning up his old house. We have been calling each other many times a day as we miss each other a lot. But we know the next time we see each other will be just a couple of days before the wedding. I have been having a good time here at home. Karen has been working a lot each night, but we have been able to go shopping and hang out a little. Kayla (my cute little niece) is staying here at Nana's house, and I have really enjoyed being with her again. We have done many things together...reading books, swimming, going in the stroller, having tea parties, watching movies (Happy!), shopping with her(she has been helping us with our errands and has done a great job!), playing out side, going to the park, etc. One last thing to say (or should I say repeat!)...two more weeks!!!!