Monday, October 29, 2012

Megan is 4!!

Megan's birthday was today!  She was so excited about her birthday.  Her face was just too cute when she woke up while Tim was walking in the door.  Immediately Tim starts singing happy birthday, and she just runs up to him with the biggest smile and hug! I think her smile lasted all day.  I love trying to really make birthdays special for my kids not with big elaborate things, but by purposing in my heart to spend more time with them and doing special things with them.  (I guess I should try to make every day more like that, huh?).  I took pictures all day to remember her special day.  (More pictures to come though b/c she is having friends over for another little party on Saturday!)

It started out with a few morning pictures of our birthday girl (You will have to excuse our morning hair and looks!)

Then on to breakfast...which was nothing special, just cereal!  After breakfast, I decided to do baths b/c Megan loves baths and playing with Emily during them. 

The girls watched a little Elmo while I hurried around the house to try to get ready to go to story hour at the library.

 Library hour was fun for Megan b/c she got to see her best friend Katy who had colored a picture for her!  Then we went to Nana's house for a little bit.

 Back home for lunch and naps for Emily and Anna.  During their naps, Megan and I made her cupcakes which she LOVED doing! 

 Megan then asked to play  a game and picked Candy Land.  She beat me fair and square!  We read our library books after that, and I let her watch PBS while I tried to get some cleaning done and the rest of my Bible study lesson done. 

We made a couple of signs to decorate our house with.  She wrote Happy Birthday on a sign copying the sign I wrote Happy birthday on.

As you can tell, I had to squeeze in the last "y" as she ran out of room.
When the girls woke up from their naps, we went to the park to enjoy some snacks and play! Nana went with us for the fun outing!
We had a little issue getting home as my mom's car wouldn't start. (Our van was in the shop getting the ac fixed so we had borrowed my mom's car.)  I had to wake Tim up to come by to jump us.  That didn't work, so he got mom's big blue van, and we moved all the car seats again! As you can tell the girls did not mind the delay.  They just played with the sand by the curb!

We finally got home and Megan, her friend Lexi, and Emily frosted the cupcakes.

Megan had requested pizza for her birthday.  I was going to make home made pizza, but decided that we would just order from Pizza Hut. 

Megan LOVED opening her gifts of course.  She loved everything she got.

Thanks G & G Armstrong
Thanks Petersons                          


Thanks Nana

Thanks Conrads
  We finished off the night with cupcakes and coloring.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anna- 4 months

 Anna is now 4 months (well actually back on October 3rd).  She was 14 lbs. 4 ounces and was 25 1/2 inches tall at her dr. visit at 4 1/2 months. Just a few pictures from her 4th month...
She loves blankets and pulls them up to her face and over her face.  We usually find her sleeping with the blanket on her face. She is such a good sleeper for us and usually sleeps around 10 hours at night.
She is getting so interactive and aware of things.  She will be in the living room and hears me in the kitchen and will just look my way.  She is so smiley and such a happy baby!

Anna enjoys swinging with her sisters!

Hold on tight, Anna!

She is just too cute!

She loves playing with toys. 

Anna enjoying listening to Megan read her a book.  Anna just loves her sisters!

She has really started drooling in the last couple of weeks. 

Finding her feet! Notice how she has turned herself around on her little playmat and knocked down the little bars that go on the sides of the playmat. 

Even though she is our 3rd child, we are enjoying all the different changes she goes through!  We love her so much!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Megan Builds a Bear

 A wonderful memory for Megan that I must post is her wonderful Auntie KK taking her to Build a Bear and letting her pick her bear and build it.  (We actually had a girls day out while Tim studied for his sermon). 
Megan stuffing the bear of her choice!
Megan getting ready to put the Bear's heart in.  They let Emily put one in too!

Megan giving her Bear a Bath

Drying the Bear off

Auntie KK and Megan

Megan loved her time at Build a Bear!!  With Auntie KK's help, she named her bear Blue Bella!  Megan LOVES Blue Bella, and Blue Bella is always by her side!  Thanks Auntie KK for taking Megan to Build a Bear.  What a wonderful memory it is for her! 

Park and Picnic Fun

Last month, Papa bought the girls some lunch boxes that were  on clearance at Dollar General.  So the very next day, we decided to go on a picnic at the park using the lunch boxes.  Megan and Emily were super excited to help with packing their lunches and getting to pick what color of lunch box they wanted.  We invited Nana to join us which is always a bonus to have her there.  

Great helpers!

Megan LOVES helping make PB&J sandwiches
All 3 girls enjoying the swings!

Anna holding on with one hand.
Emily being silly!

Megan always asks for underdogs!

Megan and Emily ready for our picnic.  Megan picked the blue lunch box, and Emily got the green one.  

 Thanks Papa for helping us have a fun picnic!!

Happy Birthday, Tim

Tim turned 31 on Sept. 28th (This is a few days late!).  It was definitely a different kind of day for all of us.  Megan and Emily had struggled with sickness that week, and the night leading into his birthday, Megan ended up in our bed.  She was coughing and coughing and just really struggling.  None of us slept well that night due to Megan's constant coughing, so at like 3:30 or so, I told Tim to just go sleep on the couch so he could actually sleep!  (So on his birthday, he slept on the couch...memories!).  That morning, he had to go to to a work training class until lunch.  After lunch, we all took short naps (as we were so tired from the long night before).  The girls and I made cherry cheese cake for him after naps (which we did not eat until 2 days later...just the way it worked).  That evening though, my mom came over to watch the girls so we could go out.  We were so thankful for her doing this as the girls weren't feeling the best.  We went to eat at Logan's Steakhouse!! So nice to have dinner together and just enjoy each other!  We made a quick trip to Walmart before heading home.  After the girls were in bed, we watched a movie (well, I fell asleep during the movie as I was exhausted, so I guess he more or less watched it by himself.).

So not a lot of excitement on his birthday, but still enjoyable for us to be able to celebrate with him.  I love my husband so much.  The girls adore him.  He is the best husband and father.  Hopefully next year, we will actually have pictures and have more memories other than sickness and tiredness...    

This is one picture I took of him enjoying his cherry cheese cake!