Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 weeks tomorrow!!

We can't believe she is almost already 3 weeks! They grow up so fast!!! We figured the family would like some more pictures so we will post some more...

Really quickly though, I am not sure if we posted this information on here or not, but we are in an apartment. We moved into the apartment 6 days before Megan was born. It was a really busy time to try to get everything moved, but we were so thankful to have a place to call home! We have a 2 bedroom apartment with a den (which is Tim's office). We really like it. We live about 15 minutes from the church in Wichita. My parents and sister were a huge help in getting our things out of boxes and organized. We had most of the boxes emptied by the time Megan came so that was nice. (Poor Megan...she did not even have her baby room ready when she got home from the hospital...it is still not 100% ready either...poor girl.) We are close to having the house completely set up...but do have a few things left to do. It has been very hard to keep the house cleaned up let alone getting the last few things organized and put away. We do praise the Lord for this apartment..Like I said, we love it here.

What else has happened in the last couple of weeks. My grandparents came to see Megan for the first time. We enjoyed seeing them. Tim has been staying super busy with work and church as well as helping out with Megan. He has been wonderful to me. He has made me breakfast a couple of times, and it was so good!! He has been so good about the house not being cleaned and me not cooking!! I am so thankful for him! HE is such a good daddy!!

Tomorrow Tim's parents are coming to visit. WE are super excited! They will be staying with us for about from Wednesday-Monday. This is the first time they will be seeing Megan.

N-way, not much is happening other than the normal baby activities. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1 Week Old!!

Megan was one week old yesterday...I was going to post yesterday on her first week, but I did not have the time or energy.

Megan is sleeping pretty well so far. She did cry the whole first night that we were in the hospital. Now that had me scared, but the next night, she did fine. She had a really rough night again on Tuesday night where she would not sleep and fussed a lot. I am hoping that she does not keep that record up of fussing a lot 2 nights out of the week. But like I said, she is sleeping well. She does not fuss a lot (of course she has her times and has had couple of rough nights), but overall she seems pretty content.

She had some firsts this week as well. Of course her first night out of the womb and seeing her parents, grandparents, and aunt. She got to spend the night at Grandpa's and Grandma's for the first time (Tim went back to work on Saturday night, so I stayed at my parents house Sat.Tuesday just at nights so they could help out. I am so thankful for all they have done to help out. They have fed us, helped with Megan, cleaned my house, did my laundry, etc. Thanks so much Dad, Mom and Karen!) She also had her first night out Tuesday night. Dad and Mom took us out along with Karen to eat. It was so nice to be able to get out, and Megan slept the whole time in her car seat. She also went to church for the first time last night which was for AWANA. She slept the whole time there as well. (We took her to church on Sunday after the services so people could see her, but I stayed home with Megan during Sunday School and church.) And then today, Mom and I took her to Walmart for the first time. And you guessed it, she slept the whole time there as well in her stroller. (I have been told to enjoy this stage because soon the sleeping all the time will be over, and she will no longer be quite as easy to take out as far as keeping her quiet.) She also had her first dr. appointment today, and that went well as well. Yes, she did cry for this...she was not a huge fan of getting her clothes taken off to get weighed.

She is getting the hang of nursing as well. It was a rough first few days of nursing. I went to see the lactation consultant 2x's this week. The consultant was so helpful though in encouraging and helping me. We are making good progress in this area. She is back to her normal birth weight so I know she is getting enough to eat!

Tim and I are enjoying being parents! We love her so much already. We praise the Lord for her. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One week ago...

Tuesday night of last week was the night that I went into labor and went in the hospital. I thought I should post her birth story tonight as this is the one week mark....so this is the birth story of Megan, so if you are not interested, feel free to just skip this post.

Last Tuesday night around 10:30 or 11:30 pm, I started having lower back pains. They were not too bad, and I figured it was really nothing. I called Tim at work around 12:30 and told him my lower back was hurting but it was probably nothing. Soon after that I noticed I was bleeding some...I called a nurse, and she sounded like it was just the beginning of labor. Well, about 15 minutes after that, I noticed the bleeding getting a little heavier. That really scared me. I realized that I was most likely experiencing contractions as the pain had moved to the front as well. I called my mom, and she came over to our apartment (My sister Karen was already here as she had been staying with me at nights while Tim was gone just in case I went into labor...It was so nice to have her here as she helped me get ready to go to the hospital.) I called Tim back and told him we were going to go to the hospital...now at this point, I was just worried about the bleeding. I did not really know if they would just send me home if it was nothing or what so Tim and I decided he would wait at work to hear what would happen. He would come right over if they decided to admit me. (He had just started this new job so we wanted to make sure that this was the real thing before he left...he was only like 10 minutes away anyways.

I got to the hospital and when they checked me, they saw I was 6 cm...I was like no way...are you sure? So here I was...starting to feel my contractions for sure soon after 12:30 or so and here I was at a 6. I was like we got to call Tim and he needs to get here before she comes (I laugh now at my stressing because he had plenty of time to get there!!!) I got checked into the hospital around 2:30 or so. They hooked everything up. At about 4:30, I was able to get an epidural...I was then dilated at a 7...It was so funny because I felt so good after that...Mom and Karen came in and we just hung out. Tim was on facebook and email sending out messages that Megan was on the way. It was probably around 7:00 that I was at a 10cm but I was only at +1 position...I had to wait until +2. Well, it was probably around 8:00, that I got sick to my stomach. All of a sudden, I went to a +3...by this time, the epidural had worn off and I could feel everything. My back was killing me and I was feeling the contractions...I was so ready to push, but my nurse told me that the dr. was on his way...he was 15 minutes away...I was like he needs to get here. That was the most painful 15 minutes of my life I think...they tried to give me some more of my epidural, but it did not work. N-way, I started pushing around 8:20 or so. At 8:57, Megan Hope was born.

It was the greatest thing to have her in my arms. I definitely shed a few tears of joy!!! I am so thankful to the Lord for the healthy pregnancy and birth of Megan. The Lord gave me a wonderful doctor and nurse. The nurse was so great as I was in labor, and she helped me so much. Tim of course was wonderful as well. He was right by my side the whole time and encouraging me.

I am going to try to post more tomorrow about our first week with Megan. I am so thankful to the Lord for her. She is already a joy to both Tim and I!!