Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Facts of 4 year old Megan!

Just a little update on Megan as she just turned 4:

She LOVES stuffed animals!  She always has a favorite one which changes from day to day (Blue Bella, Sealy, Squeaky, Pinky to name a few).  She always wants to take them in the van when we go places and makes sure they are buckled in securely.  She begs to take them in to church, library, you name it.  I never thought someone would love stuffed animals so much but she does!

She also LOVES being a dog and calls herself Alicia (who is Diego's sister!).  She barks in high pitched voice (which Tim tries very hard to get her to lower her pitch!).  She wants me to watch her do tricks and pet her and such.  

Her favorite activity outside has to be playing in the dirt, building nests with leaves, rocks, sticks, etc., planting and watering "seeds", making bird food out of dirt to feed to the birds, etc. (Who needs toys when you have dirts, rocks, leaves, sticks, etc!) (I call this her favorite activity b/c she spends most of her time outside doing this.)

Megan's daily sidekick is Emily!  They do everything together.  They LOVE each other and of course, have their fights/arguments.  They would be lost without each other.

Megan is a wonderful big sister to little Anna.  Anna just smiles at Megan as she plays with her and talks to her.

Megan's best friend is Katy hands down.  Megan talks about Katy so much and wants to mails letters to her (although I tell her she has to put the letters in the church mailbox...not sure how many actually end of there though!)  They play so well together!

She is a very caring little girl. She often asks how people are doing that are sick or have an injury or whatever.  (Example, she will asked how Grandpa Riffel is doing as she knows he has had problems with his back.)  She prays for them and will color pictures for them.  I love it that she thinks of others and is concerned for them.  I hope she will continue to develop a love for others.

Megan loves going to church.  She LOVES her teachers and classes.  (I am very thankful to those who teach Megan and love her so much.)  She is enjoying cubbies as well.

She loves wearing dresses.  (She definitely doesn't get that from me.) I think she would wear a dress every day if I would let her. 

She is learning to write her letters (upper case and lower case). We do school about 3 days a week with her, and she enjoys that. 

A couple more favorites...

Favorite Color- purple

Favorite TV show/movie-Diego

Favorite Song-If You're Happy and You know it

Favorite place to eat-Old McDonalds as she calls it  (McDonalds)

Megan, you are growing up so quickly.    We pray that as you get older that you will understand your need of a Savior and that Jesus is the only way to heaven and trust Him as Savior.  We are so thankful for you and love you so much!

Megan's birthday party

Megan finally got to have a birthday party with her friends. We had planned it the Saturday after her birthday, but Friday night, she got sick to her stomach so we had to cancel it.  So we planned it the following Saturday.  Ironically, Anna got pink eye over the weekend, but my mom agreed to keep Anna at her house so we could still have the party!  Megan wanted to invited some friends from church over so we had their families over for the party.  We started off with pizza (Megan's choice!), we made her an ice cream cake for dessert. 

The kids' table.  Megan picked out plates and cups for her birthday.

Our princess!

Tim put up some decorations for her party and made it very special for her!

 After eating, Megan got to open her presents from her friends.  She enjoyed doing that an as you can tell by pictures below, she had plenty of help with it!

Megan's friends (minus 2 little girls) who came to her party

After she opened gifts, they played with each other as we adults watched the K-state football game!  It was a fun evening for all of us!