Friday, June 17, 2011

4 Wonderful Years!

Yesterday, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! I am so thankful for the wonderful husband the Lord has given to me. He daily shows me the love of Christ. Here are some pictures of our last 4 years! (All the pictures but the first one (obviously) are around the time of the anniversary...not on them!)

Our Wedding: June 16, 2007...I love this picture b/c our faces show exactly how happy we are. We were just announced as Mr. and Mrs. Tim Armstrong!! I love Tim's little fist up in the air!

For our 1 Year anniversary, we went to Luray, VA and stayed in a bed and breakfast there. Here in this picture we are at Luray Caverns. I am about 5 months pregnant here.

2nd Anniverary: Megan is about 7 1/2 months old. We actually spent our 2rd anniversary at camp with our campers and Megan! We snuck into town on the 16th (with Megan!) and went to this pizza restaurant (a little hole in the wall place!). It was not that good either. We should have kept on driving as there were better restaurants down the road. We were not familiar with the town!

3rd Anniversary: I could not find a good picture for our 3rd anniversary so this will have to do! (It is actually our Easter picture so it is a couple of moths b/f our anniversary. I need to take more family pictures throughout the year.) I was about 2 months pregnant on our 3rd anniversary with Emily.

4th Anniversary: This is what we just celebrated. We have loved our f0ur years together. God has blessed us with two wonderful girls. Megan is 2 and Emily is 5 months.

Looking through these pictures really makes me so thankful to the Lord for His goodness to our family! I am so excited the the many years to come!