Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Megan's 3rd Birthday!!

Can't believe we celebrated Megan's 3rd birthday a couple of weeks ago (So far behind on this blog, but still want to post so that I will have memories here!). It such a special day for us as we really used the whole day just trying to enjoy her. Here is a rundown of her day!

This is taken at 8:57 am...the time she was born 3 years ago! She is sitting on a tinker toy bucket and being silly. She spent the night at her Nana's house the night before her birthday so that was very special!

Megan got to eat a donut for breakfast on her birthday!!

Megan making her cupcakes with Dad!
Megan helping put the sprinkles on the cupcakes!
Tim made a cool fort for Megan. She loves making forts!

Megan enjoying playing with her baby.
Auntie KK came over in the afternoon to spend some special time with Megan. Megan loved opening her gift which was a play dough set!

Auntie KK took the girls outside so I could get some stuff done. Of course the girls loved that!

Auntie KK playing with Megan with her new play dough.
I came into Megan's room to check on her while I was cleaning and found her coloring so sweetly with her wonderful headband! I love it when she plays so nicely on her own!
Enjoying Megan's birthday meal together! We had homemade mac & cheese (Thanks to my mom!) and meatloaf (which Tim actually made!).

Megan enjoyed playing downstairs with her friends after dinner. She loves it when friends come over to play!
Opening gifts is a fun time for everyone!
Such a special birthday for Megan as her best friend Katy got to come!! Here Katy is watching carefully to see what Megan's gift is...
The littlest two enjoying each other's company!
Megan had lots of help opening gifts! She did not mind!!! This one was a harder one to open...
Megan's friends who she was able to celebrate with!

Megan blowing out her #3 candle!

The little kids' table. They were enjoying their cupcakes (especially the frosting!)
Megan loving her cupcake!

We had a very fun day on her birthday and are so thankful for our 3 year old! We pray that the Lord will save her at a young age and that she would love Him with all her heart, soul, and mind.