Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Loving the beautiful weather!

This has been a very mild winter, and we have had so many opportunities to play outside. This last couple of weeks we have even hit the 70's! It as been crazy, but we have LOVED being outdoors so much. Emily sometimes gets her shoes and brings them to me telling me she wants to go outside.

Here are a couple of our favorite outdoor activities:

Playing on the swings/going to the park- We have very old swing set in our backyard that was given to us,and our girls love swinging on the swings. I am very thankful we were given the swingset! We also love walking to the park. We are just a block away from one park and have 2 other parks that we can walk to as well that are a little farther, but close enough for walking. It has been fun to watch Emily starting to climb up the steps and go down the slides on her own (of course, I am by her side!).

Riding bikes (and the little car/tractor, etc)- Megan got a bike for her 3 year birthday, and she loves riding it and is starting to be able to go for farther distances. (She keeps asking to ride to Nana's house, but that is still a bit too far...okay maybe way too far!). She will ride around and around in circles on our driveway and not seem to get tired or bored of it. We also take her out on the roads where we are trying to drill into her head to stop at every corner and look for cars and such. I am glad we are live in a very small town where there is not a lot of traffic. She also enjoys being a paper girl and throwing papers up onto our porch. (This brings back memories to my childhood as I used to deliver papers.)

Emily enjoys getting in and out of the car and pushing it around. She hasn't really gotten the hang of using her feet to move it around, but she still likes playing with it and such! She also has enjoyed getting on the tractor although her legs are too short to scoot around in in.

Tim and I just bought some bikes this last weekend! We have never owned bikes since we have been married so this has been fun for our family to take bike rides together. We bought a seat for Emily to go on the back of Tim's bike. Megan loves having us ride along with her. Emily seems to enjoy riding on the back.

We better enjoy this nice weather before summer comes and becomes unbearably hot!