Saturday, May 3, 2014

February Fun

Trying to continue to get caught back up...2 fun moments to blog about that were captured on camera.  (I have been very bad about taking pictures.  I think I only took pictures on two different days in February.) The first fun memory was playing in the snow. We had some good snow this month!
Snow fun!!  We get so excited when it snows, and the girls love playing outside in the snow.

Emily's snow angel 
Megan's snow angel
Anna looking so cute in her snowsuit.

Enjoying the slide in the snow

This one and the next one crack me up.  Megan making a snowball, and Emily getting ready to go down the slide.

Megan is now ready to throw the snowball at Emily who is turning her head to avoid it!
 The 2nd fun memory was Valentine's Day.  We had my grandparents and parents over for pizza that night.  We arranged a little Valentine's exchange between the girls, grandparents, and great-grandparents.  The girls loved handing out their Valentine's and getting some as well.  Here are a few pictures.
Making Valentine's Day cards.  

Good Job, Emily!

My lefty loved making the cards!  She likes doing little art projects.

Anna's little pizza that she is helping put on the cheese!

Emily putting the toppings on her pizza.

Megan's pizza

The girls' heart pizza with their initials on them.

The adult's heart pizza and salad with a heart shaped!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Emily's 3rd birthday

Emily's 3rd birthday (Jan. 5) was celebrated while we were in Florida visiting Tim's family.  (Emily seems to think that her birthday is always when we are in Florida b/c we were in Florida for her 2nd birthday too.) It does make her day extra special when we are in Florida!  We actually celebrated her birthday on the 4th b/c we were travelling back home on the 5th.  Here are some pictures of her birthday!

Trip to the beach.  The girls LOVED it!
Emily was ready to go.

Girls busy picking up sea shells which we go to bring back with us.

Sweet sisters

My birthday her so much!

Tim helping the girls collect the sea shells.

I love my little girls.

One last shot of the sisters

Grandma made her birthday very special with princess decorations.

Emily helping set the table.

The cousins ready to pull the string to the pinata.

What a big 3 year old!

Such a cute cake that Grandma picked out.

Emily blowing out her candles.

Emily opening up her gifts.

She was excited to get quite a few DVD's (and so were Tim and I as we had a long drive home. They provided lots of entertainment.)

Enjoying her cake
Emily is such a fun, active, intense and independent child.  She keeps us on our toes and either laughing or wanting to cry.  She loves doing everything Megan does and is very close to Megan.  It has been fun to see her develop and grow.  We are so thankful for her and pray that God would draw her to Himself.

Christmas 2013

Christmas is always such a fun day to look forward to.  We had 3 very excited girls who were ready to celebrate Christmas.  We enjoyed going through an advent calendar with the girls as well as read books trying to focus on the birth of Jesus.  Of course, we enjoyed the some other fun activities that go along with Christmas.

My favorite memory of this Christmas is on Christmas morning, I found out I was pregnant.  The best Christmas gift ever-a little baby.  I will never forget this Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, we let the girls open up their pajamas!  The girls love their new pj's.  The funny part about this is that Anna's pajamas ended up being a 2t for the shirt and some how a 5T for the pants.  We made them fit and didn't even realize it until after she had worn them!

We have been decorating Christmas cookies since my first time visiting Tim's parents where they do it every year.  I wasn't sure we would fit it in this year as we were leaving the day after Christmas to head to Florida, and we had so much to do, but I made it happen. Just a fun memory!

Papa was a big help in rolling out the dough. Usually Tim is the dough roller, but he was still asleep as he had worked the night before.

Emily helping cut out the cookies.  

All the girls were very excited to help out.  I was thankful for all the help in my parents and Grandma as I may have gone crazy otherwise:)

Papa made each of the girls the letter of their first name!

Our Christmas dinner....chili.

Tim mixing up the icing.  I had made the icing early, but totally messed up on it and put in a wrong ingredient.  I could have just cried...but Tim came to the rescue.

The girls decorating the cookies. Grandma helping out Emily.

Papa was being silly wearing a headband.  He enjoyed helping Anna decorate a few cookies.

Megan loved putting on sprinkles:)

Very nice, Nana!

Best part is eating the cookies!

Justin and Karen

We ended the night reading the Christmas story and opening presents.  Such a fun day for us all.

Thanksgiving 2013

Well, I am way behind on this, but I figure I will go ahead and try to catch back up!  This will be a very quick post on Thanksgiving, but I wanted to get up some pictures!  I must say that Thanksgiving was a very hard time for me as I was really grieving my miscarriage over this holiday and into the next month as well.  (Dec. 5th was my birthday, and my birthday was very hard too.).  God gave grace to me though, and we had a wonderful day as a family.  

Auntie KK had a fun craft for the girls.  She is so good with doing crafts with my girls!

The cute little turkeys they made.

G & G Riffel reading a book to Anna.  We love having our grandparents so close!

Megan is learning how to play the game skip-bo.  Grandma and Karen patiently teaching her.

Auntie KK getting some good cuddles.

As always, mom provides a wonderful meal!!

Our Thanksgiving family picture

Megan enjoying climbing a tree.  The weather was very nice on Thanskgiving so we enjoyed playing outside!

Grandma and Emily writing with chalk,

Tim helping the girls put together a swing,

The swing was a big hit.  

Go Emily!

So thankful for my wonderful husband who was so supportive of me during this difficult time.  God has been so good to us!