Friday, October 27, 2017

Micah 6 months

   1/2 a year already...slow down!  His first tooth popped through during this 6th month!  Here are some pictures of Micah at 6 months!
Micah loves swinging outside in his swing.
Micah decked out in his John Deere boots. These boots were a gift from Zettie Allen for Timothy. So fun to be able to use them again!

Never get tired of this little guy's sweet smile!


Love this little face in the hat

Bathtime is sure fun

Cute little guy wrapped in his towel

Micah's first Thanksgiving. Those dimples...

Micah loves his cousin Ava!

Very happy to be with his Great-grandmma

Thanksgiving 2016

Well, I am almost a year behind in blogging so I am determined to get in the year we are actually in right now!  We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving last year!!  We truly have so much to be thankful for.  So nice to be able to have a day to relax with family. Here are a few pictures of our Thanksgiving.
It was a pretty nice day so the kids played in the yard before we went to my mom's house.  Our neighbor can gets lots of attention!

Megan and Pumpkin

Timothy and his cute smile


Love this picture.  We are trying to get family picture, and Timothy is looking like people need to get their act together!  

It took a little to get a good picture, but this is our first Thanksgiving as a family of 7!

Gotta get in a good nap!

Michah's first Thanksgiving.  Such a happy boy and just love his dimples!

Love my sister!

Grandma, Karen, Mom, and I

Auntie KK gets in on some pictures with her nieces!

Auntie KK and Emily

Scared picture

Excited picture- they are so silly!

Ava and Micah- so sweet!

Great-Grandma with Micah

Tim and I

My sweet parents