Monday, January 26, 2015

Timothy- 3 months

Timothy is getting bigger and is such a good baby. He is sleeping well and such a content baby.  Here are some pictures from Timothy's 3rd month...
Nana enjoying Timothy's cuddles
Nothing is better than this!

Love his smile! 
Having a little chat with daddy

Megan just loves him. The girls all just enjoy him so much.

Timothy enjoying Nana's new little chair that was given to her.

Those cute little dimples

Tummy time...which we are awful at working on.  He doesn't like it and doesn't care to lift his head.  We needed Uncle Johnny here to help us make sure Timothy gets his tummy time.

Cowboy baby-A friend at church, Zettie, bought Timothy these cute cowboy boots, and Nana found the shirt at a thriftshop. Looking so cute.

The grandparents giving Timothy a little attention.

Love this picture. Timothy smiling at Grandma.  I am still so thankful to have my grandparents living right behind us.  I love that my kids are getting to know them so well.

Bumbo time...not impressed with it, but showing his impressive double chin!

Timothy playing with his floor mat that has been used a lot with all my kids and a couple of Karis' kids and who knows how many before that!

Happy Boy

Timothy playing in his chair....another hand me down from Auntie  Karis

Life isn't always happy for this little guy.

Timothy celebrating his first Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2014

 We have a nice Thanksgiving this year at my mom's house.  It was a small group of us with my family, my grandparents, Justin & Karen, and my parents obviously.  I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. I had big ideas of taking a family picture and one of the kids of the cute turkey headbands that G& G Armstrong got them, but it just didn't happen.

So much to be thankful for...not just on Thanksgiving but all the time.  Thankful for this special day with my wonderful family.  Here are a few pictures!

Anna and Grandpa in turkey hats.  
Megan and Grandpa 

Anna and I

Megan and I

Mom in her Cameroonian apron which reminded us all of the Seelys.  We split up what food to bring between all of us.  It was a very yummy meal!

Timothy's first Thanksgiving.  "I'm Stuffed"is on his Thanksgiving onsie.  What a blessing this little guy has been to my heart.  Such a different Thanksgiving this year than last year.  It was such a hard time last year during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Through the good and the bad though, God is on the throne and is ALWAYS GOOD!

Taking naps...why Emily is lying on Tim's back with her his shirt as his cover...who knows?  But it was nap time.

Can you tell we were excited to skype with the Seelys?
Anna with her new Dora bike.  We opened up Emily and Anna's Christmas presents early from G & G Armstrong.  It was such beautiful weather, and it was perfect to go for a bike ride!

Emily with her new Hello Kitty bike

Megan loved having her sisters to ride her bike with.  I love her big smile on her face.  

Go Anna.

The church parking lot is a perfect place to ride.  I foresee a lot of bike riding in our future!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Reading and Playing school

Since Megan has started school, the girls have played a lot of school.  Megan comes home from school and is ready to play school again!  The girls usually go along with her.  She also has started reading books so I have seen her from time to time really trying to read the words in her books.  She still is doing just basic reading, but it is so fun for me to see her develop her reading! Here are a few pictures that make me smile!

Megan reading a book to her sisters during school.

One night, I went into the girls' room saw this...Megan was in Emily's bed and reading to her.  I couldn't dare get her in trouble for getting out bed.  

Reading Go, Dog, Go

Megan reading to Timothy...sometimes she tries to sound out the words.  Other times, just talks about pages.

Megan once again being the teacher.  Notice they brought lots of stuffed animals to join their class.  Looks like Emily and Anna are behaving pretty well.

Emily being the teacher
Megan and Anna listening with their stuffed animals to Emily.

One morning before school, Megan was trying to make a sentence with her sight words.

I have to say that sometimes even Anna is the teacher.  Very fun to watch the girls play school and see Megan improve in her reading!


This was the first time trick or treating for Emily and Anna, and just the 2nd time for Megan (she went when she was two to a few houses). They enjoyed it so much.  Megan was a school teacher. Emily was a fairy.  Anna was a lion.  Timothy got to stay with his Nana for the night!

Timothy-2 month

On October 30, Timothy was 2 months.  At 2 months, he weight 13 lbs 1 ounce.  His height was 23 3/4 inches, and his head was 40.5 cm.  Here are a few pictures from his 2nd month to remember as memories!

2 tired guys

He started showing us his sweet smile.  It melts my heart.

Staying warm in his soft coat from Mr.Ralph and Mrs. Loleta!

Love these sweet snuggles!

Starting him off young as a Jayhawk fan!

Gotta love his double chin

First time in his crib...

Emily made Timothy some sort of crown

Daddy-son time

The girls love him so much.  

First time in his bumbo...keep that head up!

Love his smiles!

Tummy time with his sisters...he didn't like tummy time.

Emily and Timothy...They look so much alike in their baby pictures.

Anna and TImothy

Megan and Timothy

Timothy got to meet Uncle James, Auntie Laura, Caitlin, and Julia as they came to Kansas for a visit.