Tuesday, February 14, 2012


After having a very mild warm winter, we have had 2 recent snowfalls in the last week. Not a ton of snow, but enough to go out and play in! Megan was super excited to see the snow! Here are a few pictures of our fun memories we made.....
Emily's first time out in the snow!! She enjoyed being outside and just cried when I took her in. Megan could not wait to go and play in the snow. She has been waiting and waiting for it to snow!
Megan making a snow angel. Notice the snow is not deep at all, but she didn't care one bit!

Megan making a snowball to throw at her daddy!

Tim and his little snowman he built on his truck. Of course, gotta have hot chocolate to warm up with when you come inside!
This is our second snowfall. We had more snow this time around. I helped Megan build a snowman. I wish Tim was awake to help her build a bigger and better one. It was a fun time for Megan and I to play in the snow, while Nana watched Emily (who would have loved to been outside as well).
I was helping her learn how to roll snowballs...not sure why she is sitting down here, but her smile says it all. She loves snow!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!!

From my newborn baby
TO MY....
Big Girl 1 Year Old

Emily Grace turned one January 5th. I can't believe how fast her first year went. Unfortunately, she woke up with a 102 degree fever on her birthday so that was sad for all of us. We decided not to celebrate her birthday with cupcakes until later when she was feeling well. (Everyone but me (Kristen) got sick over the next couple of days.) She opened up some gifts on her birthday, but we ended up celebrating with my parents and sister a couple days after her birthday eating cupcakes and doing a couple more gifts. Here a few pictures!

Cuddles with Daddy right after waking up with a fever. Poor little girl. Opening up her birthday gifts with Megan.
So many new toys after Christmas and her birthday being so close together!

Happy 1st Birthday!! She dove right into her cupcake and loved it!
Pretty much finished off birthday cupcake. YUMMY!

Just a little update: She is 18 pounds 2 ounces (10%) and 29 1/2 inches tall (50%).She just started taking a few steps here and there although she usually sticks to crawling or walking on her knees. (She is so funny to watch walk on her knees!). She doesn't say a lot of words, but does say, dada, mama, hi, dog, and bath. She LOVES her baths (Obviously as it was one of her first words!) She loves playing with babies and enjoys the outdoors. She is my sweet little cuddler who is very special to our family. So thankful to the Lord for giving us our precious Emily Grace!