Monday, November 9, 2015

Rock River Rapids Fun

One fun adventure we got to do this summer was go to Rock River Rapids.  We were able to go twice in fact!  We participated in the Derby Library Reading Program, and they gave out free Rock River Rapid passes for completing the program.  We  enjoyed cashing in on those!

We were able to go the first time with my sister, her sister-in-law, and her girl.

 The girls enjoyed going swimming with their cousin,, Victoria!
The 2nd time we were able to go, Tim went with us, and Nana watched Timothy. It was a fun time!

Emily on a slide.

Anna just enjoying the water

Megan shooting a sprayer.

Megan was SO excited b/c she was able to go on the slides as she was tall enough to get an arm band.  The first time we went which was like 2 weeks prior, they told her she was a little too short. She was loving being able to go on the slides and went on all of them but the really steep one.  She wanted to, and we said no way!!  She would  not have liked it!

The girls relaxing after a fun afternoon.
 Megan also enjoyed taking swimming lessons there this summer. It was her 2nd summer of lessons, and she was able to complete level 2.  She enjoyed going to swim lessons and seemed to learn a lot.
Megan's first swimming lesson of the summer

She passed level 2!

Timothy's 11th month

 A few pictures from Timothy's 11th month....  How are we just one month away from him turning one?

Bubbies not feeling well:(  Mommy is loving the cuddles though.

Happy 4th of July....looking all cute in his outfit!

Enjoying his first time at the beach.

And this little guy starting walking this month (10 1/2 months to be exact). No one can stop him now!

Timothy sure does love his Nana!

4th of July

For the fourth of July this year, we were actually in Florida at Tim's parents on vacation so we were able to celebrate the 4th with them.   It was a fun time. We had a great lunch together with his parents and family. Then we went to the beach with Tim's sister and family.  Our kids loved the beach and played and played.  Unfortunately, as it was time for fireworks, there was a big storm.  We waited the storm out in our van, and then watched the fireworks standing by our van.  It was a fun day...great memories!
Family picture

Our sweet girls
Little Timothy

The girls enjoying the beach with Tracy




Tim and Timothy

Best move we made on this trip to the beach was to bring Timothy's pack and play.  We set it up under the canopy and he played in there and was the center of attention.  It was so nice not to have to hold him the whole time.  

Waiting for the fireworks
The girls were excited to get some light glow bracelets.

Timothy 10 months

Pictures from Timothy's 10th month!  A little late but better than never....

Timothy really enjoyed swimming in Nana's pool this summer.

Swinging is also a favorite!

Wagon rides are pretty fun as well.

Long car rides are not so fun though.  First long road trip to Florida and there were a few tears during the travelling through the night.  He did okay overall...but who wants to spend 22 hours or whatever it is in a carseat?  He did enjoy meeting Tim's sisters and families for the first time.

Timothy with Aubrey

Timothy being silly with his grandpa!

Starting to play with sisters' toys...this could cause potential problems!

Timothy enjoyed a trip out to the farm to see Grandpa and Grandma Varner

He is a climber...

Tim's first Father's Day with Timothy