Friday, August 28, 2015

Anna's 3rd birthday

On June 3rd, Anna turned 3! much to describe this little girl of mine.  She has lot of energy  and loves life.  She usually wakes up super happy every day.  She is a very intense girl...happy or mad/sad. There is no in between. She is strong willed.  She loves to cuddle and can be very sweet!  She is super independent.  She tries to keep up with her two older sisters and does a pretty good job with it. She wants to be included in their play which doesn't always go well with 3 trying to play together.   She loves doing puzzles, coloring and playing with playdough and can sit doing those things for long periods of time.  She enjoys being read to.  She absolutely loves her brother...sometimes too much. I often have to tell her "Don't touch Timothy!"  She is emotional, and we see a few tears during the day. We have to remind her to use her words and not to cry when upset/mad.   She has given up naps, but goes to bed well at night so we don't complain.  Anna brings much joy to our family!

Here are some photos of her wonderful day!
Good morning, Birthday Girl!

Such a happy smile in the morning.
Megan was super excited to celebrate Anna's birthday!  You can definitely tell these two are sisters!

Anna received this cute princess outfit from Grandma Armstrong and was so excited!
Making beds...apparently I didn't let her out of chores on her birthday.
Doing more chores on her birthday. She is a wonderful helper!
Auntie KK hung out with us all day on Anna's birthday making it very special!

We got to eat at McDonalds for her birthday lunch, and then she got to play at the play area!

Rest time on her birthday

Swimming after rest time..lots of fun!

Time to open presents!

Lots of action
Anna- playing with one of her gifts.
Princess Anna!  She is in another outfit from Grandma Armstrong.  She had to try this one one after she opened it. 
She got to play in the nursery that night at of the last times she was in the nursery. Big church here she comes!
Last celebration before bedtime were half priced shakes.  We took shakes to Grandpa and Grandma's house after church and enjoyed celebrating at their house!

Anna, We love you so much and are so thankful for you!


 Just a couple of quick recap of Awana this year.  Megan enjoyed her first year of Sparkies.  She was able to say her verses to her Nana and Grandpa Riffel which was very special for her.    She was able to complete her first book, review it, and then finish the extra book.  Emily was in Cubbies again and loved Kathy, Zettie and Zane as her teachers. She was able to complete her book as well.  I am so thankful for the girls being able to go to Awana and hiding God's Word in their hearts.
My Awana girls

Emily with her Cubbie ribbon
Megan with her 1st book ribbon

Anna with her candy!  She enjoyed being in the nursery with Kelly and Timothy on Wednesday nights.

Mother's Day

 Mother's Day was a few months back, but I wanted to get pictures up of this special day.  My husband and kiddos made it very special. I am so thankful for the privilege of being a mother to my  4 kids and my sweet Baby Blessing up in heaven. I am also thankful for my wonderful mom and mother in law!

Tim went to the store early in the morning to buy cinnamon rolls and juice!  I loved this treat!

Some beautiful flowers and cards!

 Anna and I 

 Megan and I

Emily and I

My precious thankful for them.  

Timothy is awake for this picture.

So special to be able to spend the day with my mom and Grandma.  They are so special to me.

Mom, Grandma, and I

My mother and friend