Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big Surprise!!!

I was going to give an update on February, but this has to come first. Last Friday Tim called me from his work and sounded all excited. I asked him if had had a great day. He said yes, but that he was excited b/c he was planning a surprise for me. I was so excited and asked many questions, but he gave me no hints. I forgot about it a couple of days because he told me it may be a couple of weeks.

Well, after church Sunday night, he told me he was getting advice on my surprise from my brothers. I asked him if they liked the idea and he said they thought I would love it. So my mind is curious again. He told me again you will find out in a couple of weeks.

Today, he asked me if he could leave before I had left to go to work and go and see if he could get my surprise. I said yeah, that would be fine. Of course I did not mind him being gone if he was getting my surprise. Well, he did get it and had the most wonderful set up when I got home from work tonight.

When I arrived at home tonight after work, there was a note on my door. Tim had written me a really sweet letter. He told me my surprise was in the office. I opened the office door, and I find my surprise......a PIANO!!!. He had bought me a Yanaha DGX-620 "Portable Grand" keyboard. It is so nice. On the piano he had already set up was a note by the power button stating please play me. He had the book opened to Before the Throne of God!!! I am so excited!!! When I talked to him after this, he told me he had gotten a end of the year bonus and used that (and a little more!) to buy me a piano!!!

I am so thankful for my husband's love and unselfishness to buy me something that I will enjoy for a long time. He knows I love playing the piano and thought of me before himself to spend his bonus on!!! Thanks Tim so much. I love you!!!

My surprise!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Real Christians of Genius

I ran across another funny video. If you have ever heard the "real men of genius" radio commercials this will make you laugh. "Real Christians of Genius"