Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Baby!

I wrote this little poem/story about our baby the day we found out we were having a girl. I just wanted to share it with you all. It is a testimony of our thankfulness for the little one the Lord has graciously blessed us with.

Our baby is such an answer to our prayers
As our prayer and desire was to have a baby in time
To tell my sister (Karis) and her family the big news
Face to face before they left for Africa.

We started praying at the beginning of this year
For the Lord to provide us a baby specifically before they moved.
And did God quickly answer our prayers
Right away, the first month!

What an amazing answer to prayer.
How we thanked the Lord for our special one.
We did tell Dan and Karis first and then family followed
Each one so happy and sharing joy with us.

We've experience much the first five months
From the morning sickness times,
To the growing out of regular clothes and into maternity (not Tim of course!)
To the feeling of the movement of our child!

And now we know our baby is a girl!
We pray the Lord would save her soul
That she would treasure the Lord above all else
And follow Him with her whole heart all of her life.

We thank you Lord with all our heart
For giving us our precious little girl!

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's a Girl!!


Just a quick update before I go to work. We just found out today we are having a little baby girl! We are so excited!!! It was so cool to see her again. We got to see her hands, feet, head, eyes, heart beat, etc. The baby is really growing!! We were told the baby is developing well so far so praise the Lord for that!! We are going to name her Megan Hope Armstrong!! I have been so excited all day long. I just can't wait to meet her!! It was so fun to call our family and let them know what we were having!! And of course, the best was when my little niece Kayla left today, she kissed Baby Megan goodbye and gave her a hug!!! I did leave a belly picture. I must admit this was last Saturday when I was 19 weeks. Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks, but it seems like in the last week I have gotten so much bigger...but you will get the picture with this one!! I enjoyed reading all of your guesses and reasons!! Thanks for the comments. I am going to have to wait to get the ultrasound picture up because I tried to do it and it did not work too well (it needs to be bigger so it can be seen better) when Tim gets home I will see if he can do that for me.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Trip to Kansas

Tim and I were able to take a quick trip to Kansas back in the middle of May from Sat.-Tues. Being able to spend time with the family was a lot of fun. Dad and Mom took us out to eat on Saturday night. Of course you cannot go wrong with eating!! We enjoyed church on Sunday. That afternoon, Karen and I went out searching for a treadmill for my mom and Dad. My siblings and I decided to get them the treadmill for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and their birthdays which all fall in the summer. After 3 trips to Sam's ( a story in itself...and pregnant me just wanted to have a crying breakdown on the 2nd trip...I will spare all the details...(Thanks Karen for going with me every time)...the main thing is we finally got it. By the way, the slide show is just a little picture of how heavy the treadmill was as well as fun! for the boys putting it together). On Monday, both grandparents visited. It was so much fun catching up with them. Dad grilled some really good steak that night which we all enjoyed. We were also able to work in the yard some.

We were also taking the trip to pursue God's will of possibly moving there to work in my parents church. We were very busy on the trip with different activities from the church, checking out houses, job possibilities, etc. We met with the church board on Saturday night. Then Tim and I shared out testimonies during S.S. and Tim had a little lesson. Tim preached Sunday night and then did Teen Bible study that night after church as well. We really enjoyed our time there. The church did invite us to come on as a youth pastor (well Tim at least). After praying about it, we feel like the Lord is leading us to Kansas!!! So now, Tim has been trying to find a job since the church position is part time(it is a little hard long distance to find one but the Lord will provide. We are hoping to move out there by the end of the summer so please pray that Tim can find a job, insurance situation with me being pregnant and everything. We are excited to see how the Lord works this all out. The Lord has been so faithful to us in our few months of marriage, we know He will continue to be faithful through this.

Thanks for all of you who have commented on the previous post of the baby being a boy or girl. The comments are so much fun to read. (If you have not taken a guess yet, be sure to!!) Only one more week, and we find out!!! One last thing, Tim was able to feel the baby move last night for the first time. I have been feeling the baby moving around "for sure" the last week/week and a half...finally Tim was able to feel something too. It was so cool!!!

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