Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy 2nd B-day, Megan

Two years ago, this precious gift from the Lord entered our lives. We were overcome with thanksgiving as the Lord was so gracious to us in giving Megan Hope.

Megan's 1st birthday!

And now, we can't believe our little girl is 2!! A little update on Meggers!

Megan LOVES playing outside and would stay out all day if we would let her. She plays so nicely outside and usually stays out of trouble! She loves going to the park where she enjoys the slides and swings. She really enjoys taking Elmo out to our swing in the backyard so she can push him in the swing, and then she will swing next to him.

Megan LOVES going to church. If we ever go by the church, she is quick to see it and talk about it. She loves putting on her dress on Sunday mornings. When we get to church on Sundays and Wednesdays, she just bounces/skips/runs up to the door! It is so cute! (There is an elderly lady that prays that she will always love church as much as she loves it now (what a wonderful request)...brings tears to my eyes knowing that people in our church are praying for our precious Meggers at such a young age!) She knows many of the people from church and has learned many of their names. Our church is so sweet to Megan!

Megan LOVES playing with her babies. She takes pampers on and off them and dresses them. She feed them, puts them down for naps, etc. We are hoping that she will love this new baby and help out as much as she does with her babies.

Megan LOVES learning as well. It is amazing how much little kids can pick up. She is working on her alphabet and sounds (Her favorite letter is the B...b, b, bear!). She does pretty well with her colors and numbers 1-10...not perfect, but working on them. She enjoys singing songs as well. Her favorites are Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho, This Little Light of Mine, Everybody Ought to Know, The BIBLE, The Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Love Me, etc.

Megan just LOVES life. She is a very happy child with so much personality! From the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed, she is usually going, going, going.

Tim and I LOVE Megan so much. She brings us many smiles and laughs throughout the day. We can never thank God enough for giving her to us. Happy Birthday, Megan!! WE LOVE YOU!