Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Backyard fun!

This summer, we were able to add two fun additions to our backyard-a swingset and a sandbox!  We spend a lot of time in our backyard.  I love it that at this age for Megan and Emily.  I can send them out  by themselves while I am working on the dishes or folding laundry at my kitchen table, and they are able to play without me out there.  I just open the windows a little so I can hear if there is any fighting or someone is hurt and just keep a watch out for them.  Here are some pictures of our fun times in the backyard.

This summer Tim decided to build a swingset.  James and John were here to help him with this project!

This was our old swingset.  This swingset was given to us a couple of years ago or so, and it has been a lot of fun for the girls.  We are thankful for this freebie!

But we were glad to upgrade to this one!  Tim and my brothers did a great job, and the kids have LOVED having this to play on.   
Don't have a lot of pictures with the girls swinging or on the slide, but this is a cute on of Anna being silly!
I was able to find this turtle sandbox at a garage sale for $5 this summer.  This has been very fun for the girls. 

Even though it is small, the girls seems to be fine all playing in it at the same time!

The smiles tell how much fun they are having!

The girls could go out in the backyard and just play with dirt, leaves, grass, etc.  Megan was so excited when the leaves started falling.  Here she and Emily are picking up leaves.

Sweet picture of my cuties!

I took some pictures.  Love this one of sweet Emily.

My oldest sweet girl!

i was trying to get a picture with these two, but Emily was just being so silly.  This shows Emily's personality perfectly though.  She is a spunky little girl.

A silly picture by all of us.

Finally a good picture of all of us. Notice Megan's missing tooth!!

The girls were so excited about the big leaf pile,  They enjoyed jumping in it and playing around.

Fun times...notice Emily is making a leaf angel!

Precious Anna enjoying the leaves

Megan really loved this.

Emily-still making a leaf angel

Our favorite part about the backyard is that is go right into my grandparents' yard where we get to visit them almost every day!!  We LOVE that!