Thursday, August 16, 2007

2 Months!!

Tim and I have been married 2 months from today!!! I am sure some of you are chuckling as that is not long at all, but I am still excited that we have had a great two months and am hoping will have many more months and years together. I just love being married!! We are not doing anything exciting today as we both worked. Right now while I am training at HSBC (I started on Monday of this week.), I am working 9am-6pm and Tim is working 3-11pm so we have not seen a whole lot of each other this week other than times we are both extremely tired. Not too much fun, but....the good new is...I only have a total of three weeks working 9am-6pm, and then I will go nights T-Fri 1-10 and Sat. 10:30-6:30.

I am posting a picture of us from our wedding. Yes, I have received the wedding cd's, but I have not had taken the time to put them on our blog. They will hopefully be up this weekend. Things have been so busy with James' wedding, work, family visiting, etc. More things to blog about soon hopefully.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Fun with Kayla!!

This week, my sister allowed our niece, Kayla, to come and visit us from Tues.-Fri. Kayla is almost 2 years old. We had so much fun with Kayla. She gave us plenty of laughs as she is such a talker and you never know what may come out of her mouth. We were able to play with play dough, color, play with stickers, use sidewalk chalk, play at the fun place at the mall, go swimming, see horses and goats, watch a movie (Numbers, Auntie, I want to watch Numbers. Those are her exact words!), sing all kinds of songs, etc. We stayed pretty busy when she was here. I am so thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with Kayla. I am so thankful that Tim enjoys having Kayla stay with us as well.

I have a story about him really quickly...I had put Kayla down for a nap and she was just a talking and laughing in the room for like 20 minutes. She was so funny to listen to. I asked Tim if he would go in and tell her to stop talking and take a nap. I warned him that she would probably have a great big smile on her face when he walked in(which is so cute) in he went. I heard him tell her stop talking and go to sleep. She kind of started crying, so Tim stuck his head right back in their and told her to stop and be quiet as well as put his finger up to his lips and said sh....she in return put her finger up to her lips and said "sh" as well. I did not hear another peep out of her. So the next day, I let him put her down for a nap after he read her a book, and guess what, she did not ask for me one time, but went to sleep right away!! When I put her down, she would always want to call me at least one time to tell me something.

N-way, she did very well at our house and can come back anytime!! Hopefully next time, Dan and Karis can join them and stay with us as well!!

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