Friday, June 6, 2014

Spring Soccer

Megan and Emily played soccer this spring. It was Megan's 3rd season playing, and Emily's first time playing.  Megan has loved playing soccer and has improved each time.  Megan and Emily were on the same team this year as they were in the preschool league.  I think it really helped Emily to have Megan on her team, and she enjoyed her first season playing.  Emily kicked the ball here and there during the game, but she mostly enjoyed just running around, playing in the grass, and the snacks at half time and after the game.  Megan was able to score a couple of goals this time around and seemed to improve.  They both love the social aspect of playing soccer.  (My girls love being with people!) We were very thankful for Coach Adam as he did a great job teaching the girls different skills and was so patient with them all.  Here are a few pictures from a couple of the games!
Some of the games were a little chilly so we tried to make sure they wouldn't be too cold.  

Megan (in black hat) and Emily (in purple hat) warming up before the game.

Megan and Coach Adam in the huddle
Some of the games, they had oranges to eat at half time! That was so fun for the girls.  They loved it!

Megan and Emily on the bench together waiting for their turn.
Emily ready to kick the ball

The girls after the game with the gatorade they got!  The drinks and snacks after the game were so much fun.  Oh, the sun was very bright!

Megan #5 and Emily #3...their numbers corresponded with their ages.  They thought that was cool!

Cute soccer girls

Go Emily!

Yes, sometimes, Emily just played in the grass!

Emily kicking the ball in from the sidelines.

Megan kicking the ball

Megan using her feet!

Coach Adam putting on Megan's medal.

They enjoyed their soccer season and look forward to fall soccer.

March Madness

We were very excited about March Madness in our family.  We got the girls all decked out in their KU outfits, and they learned quickly to say Rock Chalk Jayhawks!  Our team didn't make it too far this year, but gotta put up a post of our cute little Jayhawk girls:)

Some playdough fun in their Jayhawks outfits!