Monday, July 30, 2007

Skiing pictures

Here are the pictures of us skiing we finally got developed from our honeymoon. I had been water skiing before, but Tim had not. He did a very good job though!! He biffed it a couple of times which were really funny to watch, but overall, he did better than me. He is much braver than me when it comes to going back and forth over the waves. We had so much fun. I hope we can do that again someday. (In the slide show the first few pictures of water skiing are me, and the last ones are of Tim. They are a little hard to tell. Sorry...we took our the camera that they gave us for free onto the water instead of our digital camera so we did not have a zoom:(

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Due for another post!!

I think we are definitely due for another post...what about.....nothing but ramblings I guess. I will let you know what we have been up to I guess this week. Well, Tim and I are now addicted to 24. Probably not a good thing as it is so hard to be disciplined and not keep watching episode after episode. After each hour, it leaves you hanging as to what happens next. So I guess now as a married couple, we have our T.V. show (I wanted to be like Don and Katrina & Adam and Adrianne!!) We are done with Season 1 and are now starting on season 2.

I also went blueberry picking with Kristen Hill, Bethany Varner, and Amanda Lee this morning...early. I enjoyed going with the girls. I picked I guess around 1 1/2- 2 pounds I think. I am not quite sure what Tim and I will do with them although we were talking today how smoothies with blueberries sounded very good. Do any of you have suggestions for blueberries? We also stop at a fruit/vegetable stand where I bought Tim a couple of huge cucumbers. He loves them and eats them whole.

Tonight, I think we are starting a family tradition. I have been craving homemade pizza so tonight I made some hamburger pizza!!! (Mom, thanks for the crust recipe! & my you remember mom's awesome homemade pizza she would make...yum, yum!!). It turned out good, and I told Tim I think I would love to have pizza every Saturday night, and he liked that idea so we'll see if that is what really happens. Sometimes I have so many "great" ideas, but they do not really last.

Other than that, Tim has been doing some reading for his summer school class and working. I have been trying to stay busy as he is at work every night. I have been hanging out with friends this week and have been swimming a couple of times. If I do not stay busy or hang with friends, the night gets long when he is gone. I love being married so much because every night he comes home to more phone conversations until he is home and then a good night over the he comes home and it is wonderful!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Praise the Lord!!

I have wonderful news. I finally found a household in collections. This was the first place I put in my application for retail and was not accepted(a story in itself, but overall the Lord is sovereign in all things!). After that, I filled out a few other applications online and even received a few calls as well but nothing really panned out. A couple weeks after not being accepted by Household in retail, another position became available at Household in collections. After talking to a couple of people who worked there about trying again, I went ahead and tried. Yesterday was the 3 hour interview. I was there forever answering all kinds of questions and talking to three different managers. This morning they called me back to ask if I wanted the Tuesday-Saturday job and I accepted!!! I was so excited and the pressure of getting a job is off my back. Through this ordeal I was reminded frequently that even when things do not make sense in the human mind or I think I already have everything figured out...I must not lean on my own human understanding, but rather trust in the Lord to direct my path. His ways are higher than my ways and his thoughts than my thoughts. It has been neat for Tim and I to see the Lord answer our prayers in His OWN timing and in His OWN way!!!


I was looking at the pictures that I have recently taken, and I realized I have some blogging stories and pictures. First off, we have pictures of our new apartment. Tim and I love it! We were so fortunate to be able to get some freefurniture (two couches, a table, a book shelf, etc.) We also have pictures of our first meal Tim and I cooked at our apartment, our first guests we invited over John and Bethany Varner), and opening our wedding gifts we received at our wedding which were brought back here by James and John.

We also have pictures of July 4th activities. We were able to spend July 4th with our new Sunday School class. We went to a park and grilled out. We were able to enjoy talking as well as playing catch with the football and softball. The boys were even able to go golfing together which Tim really enjoyed.

Lastly, I have pictures of my latest visit to Dan and Karis' house. Tim had class yesterday from 7:30-12:15, and then he had to go straight to work so I decided I would spend some time visiting Dan andKaris. I drove to Williamsburg yesterday afternoon and enjoyed some time there. I got to play with Kayla and loved that. She is getting so big and talking so much. She is so cute.Karis and I even took her to the park. It was so good to see them again.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Rehearsal Practice and Dinner

I am finally getting pictures of our rehearsal practice and dinner on the blog...soon I will put the wedding pictures on the blog as well as pictures of our house. The rehearsal practice went great. Pastor Joel (Tim's old youth pastor) performed our ceremony and did a wonderful job running the rehearsal. It was so nice for Tim and I to have just an enjoyable evening with family and friends without stress. (I am not sure if my mom was free of stress. She was so amazing as well as the rest of my family and visiting friends from Alabama. They all pitched in to help with the wedding especially that last week before the wedding. My mom was so sweet in telling me to go and hang out with Tim or run errands with him or just hang with his family and friends. I was definitely a spoiled bride. Honestly the week went so smoothly for the most part. I want to thank my mom for helping me with all of my lists of things to do as well as Dad, Karis, Dan, James, Laura, John, Bethany, Karen, Nicole, Rebekah, Joel, etc..the list could go on and on of all the people that helped out. I have the best family and friends any one could ever hope for!!)

We had a wonderful time at our rehearsal dinner as well. We had our rehearsal dinner at Aunt Sue's Restaurant. It was so awesome. The dinner was in a building that looked like a barn!! What better memory to remember a Kansas wedding than eating in a barn!!! I was so excited when Tim told me about this place his mom was thinking of using this restaurant...and then it worked out!! The food was great. After the meal, we went and looked around at the cabins and then took my friend Nicole took some pictures of all of us in the beautiful outdoors!! I loved that because I love having more pictures of Tim and I as well as the rest of the family. Great pictures to go in the frames to put on our walls. Thanks Dad and Mom A. for setting up this great rehearsal dinner. We both loved it!!!

I will include pictures of rehearsal practice and dinner.

Rehearsal Practice and Dinner

Friday, July 6, 2007


We are going to have blogs out of order. We know we need to do our rehearsal dinner first and our wedding, but we do not have pictures from that those yet. They are in the mail. We thought we would do our honeymoon since we took our own pictures of that (obviously) and have those to show. Tim and I spent our first night in Wichita, KS at Castle Inn. We really liked it there. We got to enjoy a picnic across the street by the river. We had a picnic lunch packed for us of all the food that was at the wedding so we got to enjoy that!

On Sunday, we flew to PA so we could spend the rest of our honeymoon at the Poconos. We stayed at Cove Haven resort and loved it. When we first got there, we found out they had upgraded us to the champagne glass room for the first two nights (WE had those rooms the last three nights already so it was such a special treat to not have to move rooms and be able to settle. Plus they were the best rooms!!!) These rooms had a fire place, swimming pool, sauna, and a 7 foot champagne glass whirl pool. We loved it.

Our day usually started our with sleeping in until the phone rang telling us that breakfast in bed would arrive in about 10 minutes. We got to pick whatever we wanted off the menu, and they would bring it to our room during a time we had selected. We loved it. Then after breakfast, we would fill our afternoons doing all kinds of activities. We did archery (Tim was great, and I stunk), basketball (we entered into a couples free throw shooting contest and won!!), pool, putt-putt, ice skating, racquetball, water skiing (Tim's first time, and he did very well after a nose dive which was pretty funny to watch. In all seriousness though, he was going back and forth over the waves very quickly!!), paddle boating, biking, speedboat riding, golfing (at the golfing range...something funny to watch me try to drive a golf ball. I was aweful), horseback riding, etc. We loved doing all the activities. We even did a couple loads of laundry there. (It was free!!)

For supper, we sat with 3 other couples and got to know some other people. We really enjoyed the food as well. The first night there, we had prime was so good, baked potato, etc. Tim and I sat there for 2 hours as we went through soup and salad, main course, and then desert. It was all so good, but we laughed at the end thinking that was the longest meal we have ever eaten. Tuesday night was international buffet. It was more in and out which was nice. We just served ourselves at the buffet. (By the way, every night they had like 10 or so different options of desert with a desert bar of toppings to put on whatever you picked. Tim loved the cheesecake and ate it every time for desert topped with strawberries and whipped cream. That was his favorite part of supper every night!!) Wednesday was another sit down meal which we loved. Thursday night was an awesome night as well. It was pasta night. They had two of their cooks make our pasta over fire with whatever we picked to go into it. It was awesome. Then they brought out the different meats and such. Let me tell you, every meal we ate, I think we both enjoyed eating a little too much. It was a good thing we were so active because we ate like crazy.

After supper, we would just relax in the room while all the craziness (clubbing, etc.) went on around us.

We had a wonderful honeymoon and are so thankful for the time we could be together.

Below is a slide show of pictures of our honeymoon!!

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Thursday, July 5, 2007


We are super excited right now...we now have internet access at our new apartment. I guess we were both spoiled by having internet access before we got married so we were really missing it the couple of weeks we did not have it after we got back from the wedding/honeymoon. Things are going very well for us. We will try to catch everyone up with our lives starting tomorrow hopefully as well as post a few pictures!! Just wanted to say more blogs are really coming!!!