Monday, March 11, 2013

Anna-8 months

Well, I realized that we did not have a ton of pictures of Anna's 8th month, and once again, I am behind on getting this post up:(  I did want to get up some of what I did take as well as share that the biggest milestone she reached this month was learning to crawl!  She took off about a week before 8 months.  This has made us much busier parents as we are chasing 3 around now! 

Anna did spend the night at Auntie KK's for the first time as well, but we did not get any pictures:( 

Here are some pictures of her 8th month...

Go Anna!

She loves being able to get around.  She never was much into rolling over so this has been fun for her to be able to get around all over!

She is so sweet!

Anna always has plenty of help from her sisters (whether it is wanted or not!).

She looks so different with her hair in a little ponytail!

A smile showing her 2 bottom teeth which is all she has at this point

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun in the Snow!

We just got a week of lots of snow!  We have been waiting all winter to get some snow so that we could go play in the snow with the girls.  (Last winter, we didn't get much snow to speak of so we were really hoping we would get something to play in.)  Well, we got about 12 inches from a Wed.-Fri. snowfall, and then the following Monday-Tuesday, we got another 4-5 inches or so.  It was so beautiful to see falling and just covering the ground.  We spent lots of time getting the girls ready to play outside and then playing outside with them.  SO MUCH FUN!  Here are some pictures...

Watching the snow fall!  The girls were super excited!

All three girls ready to go outside.  It sure does take awhile to get all the snow suits on, but so worth it in the end to see the girls have fun.  I went to my mom's house the first day of snow so that I could take Megan and Emily out while Nana watched Anna, but we had to take Anna out for a little bit to take pictures!

Anna's first time in the snow, and she was not too excited at first.  Her gloves fell off and her hat was in her eyes...poor girl.

This is much better when I can see!  What is this white stuff?

Just taking it all in....

As soon as she touched the snow, she started crying again.  It was just so cold for her little hands. 

Emily loved just sitting on Nana's porch her first time out in the snow this winter and just eat the snow.  The girls LOVED eating snow!

Emily eating the snow again, and Megan is digging in the snow. 

Where are you Emily?

A very common scene during the snow storm as Tim cleared a few driveways with his snowblower.  He was excited to use this snow blower as it was his first time using it since purchasing it two years ago.  Unfortunately, it broke a couple days in:(

The snow tasted so good.

Poor girl could not walk in the snow as it was just too deep.  I had to carry her around our backyard!

Making snow angels

"Emily's" snowman...made by mommy
Megan actually pretty much made this by herself other than me helping her fill in between the snowballs.  She found some snowballs that were more like snow chunks by the mailbox and stacked them together...working smarter not harder!

It was much easier walking on the sidewalk than in the snow!

The snowmen

Megan went outside during the girls' naps one day and just enjoyed walking on the snow.

She looks so tall standing on top of the snow piles.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day

 Obviously, everyday, we should show our love to our family and others, but I find it very nice to to have a holiday like Valentine's  Day to really concentrate showing love to my family and doing some extra fun simple things together with them.  I think it is a good reminder to really show our appreciation and love for others.  Here are some picture of Valentine's Day!
During Emily and Anna's nap time, Megan helped me with the dishes.  She LOVES washing dishes!

Then after the dishes were done, we started up making pizza dough together!

Since it was Valentine's Day, we made heart shaped pizzas.  We made few tiny ones so the girls could each decorate their own pizzas.

Emily putting on pizza sauce

Megan putting on her pizza sauce.

Spreading cheese on their pizza

Their little pizzas they made.  The two with black olives are supposed to be smiley faces:)

And of course, after they had made their pizzas, they got to enjoy eating some cheese!

Tim and Anna...what a picture! Tim had just woken up from sleeping to watch the girls make their pizzas and was still a little tired.  And poor Anna, she had a little ponytail the day before, and her hair was just sticking straight up all day.  Her mother should have taken the time to at least wet it down...Still a cute picture of both of them!

Anna's first Valentines Day and her heart shaped crust!

I love this little Valentine...she is so sweet!!  Her hair is just too funny!

After the kids went to bed, we had a little date together with...

...some cherry cheese cake and Code Red Mountain Dew.  I bought Code Red Mountain Dew to go with the pizza for Tim as he loves it (and I enjoy it too)!  The girls had strawberry milk to go with their pizza!

We did the normal making Valentine's cards as well.  We also got to skype with G & G Armstrong after our evening meal which was fun for all of us.  The girls got Valentine's treats from both sets of grandparents!  I love my family so much and am thankful for this fun little holiday to remind us to show our love to our family and others as well as do some extra fun things!