Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Megan's first tooth!

Today, Megan's first tooth poked through! I have been checking each day for while because I figured one would be coming soon. She woke up pretty early today, took a short morning nap, and was on the fussy side. I put my finger on her gum, and I could feel a little poke!! It was an exciting time to a struggling morning! I went and woke up Tim so he could get in on the excitement!! (I am not sure how excited her felt to be woken up, but he was very nice about it.) So now, I am waiting on the 2nd tooth to pop through. She has been fussy the last couple of days and has been waking up randomly in the night just crying. Hopefully once this next tooth pops tooth, she will get back to her normal happy self!!

Megan has also been rolling over from back to tummy a lot...especially in her crib. (Then she gets stuck because she has not mastered the tummy to back yet, so I usually hear her give a little cry out. I have to check to see if she is on her tummy, and if she is I turn her over. She has fallen asleep sometimes on her tummy now, but if she wakes up, she cries out. She is not very good at falling back to sleep on her tummy yet.)

We also recently started her on her veggies! Tim and I ventured out and decided to try to make our own baby food. It went well (I am so glad Tim was willing to help me on it!) We have frozen squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans.) Megan started out with Squash and is now on sweet potatoes. She has enjoyed both of those veggies. I am going to try the carrots next! It is so funny because she knows now when we put her in her high chair, she is going to get fed! She loves to eat.

One other thing that I found really really cute....Megan loves watching her Praise Baby DVD. She has seen us put it in our clearplay dvd player when we set it up for her to watch. Well, today when I was putting in a CD into the clearplay dvd to listen to, she started squealing like she was going to get to watch her movie. I think she was confused when the music came and nothing was on the T.V.

As for Tim and I, we were able to take our teens to a Teen sensation at a camp a couple of Saturdays ago. A lot of our teens were busy that day unfortunately, but we were excited to take the three that could go. We had an enjoyable time there. Two of the boys we took do not have a Christian family, so it was a good opportunity for them to hear the Gospel. One of the boys did respond. Tim was able to go through the Gospel with him. He did pray, but we are not really sure where he is still (obviously since the prayer is not what saves you....and only the Lord knows what is in his heart). We do praise the Lord though that he was able to hear the Gospel. These two boys come to Sunday night Bible study and Awana on Wednesdays very regulary. One of the boys sometimes comes on Sunday night as well to church so we will continue trying to reach out to these boys.

Tim and I are also looking into buying a house in Rose Hill. That is where the church is that we are serving at, and we feel like if we can get into the town, we would have more of an outreach with the community. (We live in Wichita now which is about 15 minutes away.) We are praying that the Lord would open up a door to find one that would work.

Awana is coming to an end here as school is about to be up. We have had a wonderful year with the kids! Tim and I are now starting to plan for VBS and taking the teens to camp this summer.
That is pretty much what is happening here in the Armstrong household!