Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Memories with Seelys

So this post should have been written a LONG time ago, but obviously wasn't.  I thought about just crossing it off my list of posts that I would like to write, but I just can't do that.  These are memories that I want to have journaled down somewhere for us all to remember!

My sister, Karis, her husband, and 3 children have been away for 4 years being missionaries in Africa (well, 1 year in France at Language school).  Starting this last summer in 2012, they started their first furlough as missionaries.  I was so looking forward to seeing them again.  Dan had never met any of our kids, and Karis had just met Megan who was just 9 months at the time.  I had dearly missed my sister and just couldn't wait to have long talks and lots of laughing.  I was SO excited that the cousins would have an opportunity to play together for basically the first time!  4 years is just so long to not be able to see the ones you love so much. They have been able to be in Kansas for a couple weeks at two different times, and I did all I could to spend as much time with them as possible. 

The first set of pictures were of the fun memories we made all the way back in July 2012when they were here a couple of weeks! 

4th of July was so fun to spend together.  We all wore red/blue shirts. That morning, we took the kids to a 4th of July parade, then hit up the thrift shop to get some red shirts that some of us didn't have!  Then a trip to our local grocery store that was giving away free hotdogs and drinks!  We bought some fun fireworks and the kids enjoyed doing the small ones.  Dan gave us a good show at night with his fireworks.  Such a fun day for us all!  As you can tell by the picture, the girls were so excited with the fireworks.  They looked so cute in their little jean skirts and red shirts!

So fun to be together as sisters again.  I LOVE MY SISTERS!

A little movie after the fireworks were done.  Such intense faces!

Lots of cuddles for Anna Faith who was just maybe 4 weeks old!  Krista is with Anna.

A trip to Red Robin to enjoy my mom's birthday!

Some game time with the older cousins!

These two were too funny and a little mischievous!

Yes, they got away with dancing/singing on the beds here it looks like!  The girls loved being together...and Emily was very happy to be a part of the group here!

We enjoyed having the kids over at our house a couple of times.  Fun times on our swing set!  

The second time they have been here on this furlough is they were here in December about 3 weeks I believe.  We filled these weeks full of activities! 

We enjoyed playing outside a lot as it was very nice weather for December.

The 2 E's!

Making some kind of soup I am sure!

Craft time with Auntie KK!  She provided some fun craft where they painted rocks.  The girls loved it!

Decorating Nana's tree that Dan found at a Goodwill! Super nice tree!

Such concentration!

We made Christmas cookies and let the kids help put in the ingredients.  The kids enjoyed this and while it took a lot longer to make the cookies, it was well worth it!

Everyone got into the action!

Tim getting in on the help.  He rolled out the dough.

Decorating the cookies

We got to meet up at Opies to eat with some of our family from my Dad's side.  It was a fun time to see everyone.

Enjoying my grandparents' famous swings!

Grandpa took us on a fun trip out in the pasture.

One night, we went to a tree lighting in Wichita...another fun first experience for all of us.  We enjoyed eating at Spangles before the lighting of the tree.

Enjoying some fireworks at the tree lighting

The cute cousins

Ended the night playing different games in our church basement

We enjoyed a fun day at the zoo together. 
Megan was so excited to have her cousins and best friend at the zoo with her!

I turned 31 when they were here, and they made me some cupcakes to celebrate.

Auntie KK had all of us girls over to her house for pizza, movie, and a craft!

Grandpa and Grandma Varner came and visited!

Karis, Karen, and I went on a shopping trip and took all the kiddos.  It went pretty well with all of them!

Enjoying an early Christmas before Dan and Karis had to leave.

Very special time as G & G Riffel were able to join us with our Christmas celebration.

A very cute picture to end on!  So sweet!
I have thoroughly enjoyed these two different times of seeing my sister and her family.  I believe we will have one more opportunity to see them again a couple of weeks before they go back to Africa.  I love the Seely family so much and am so thankful they are obeying the Lord's calling in going to Africa.  I miss them so much when they are gone, but I so treasure the times I get to spend with them when they are home!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happenings on Emily's Birthday!

I know her birthday was over a month ago, but I still want to post how we were able to enjoy making her day special for her!  It was a very special day b/c we were in Florida at Tim's parents to celebrate!

The morning started off taking Megan and Emily to the beach.  Megan had been wanting to go to the beach for a long time.  It was such a beautiful day on her birthday, and we really enjoyed our trip to the beach.  Megan and Emily both could have played all day there just playing in the sand.  So fun to be able to go on Emily's birthday!  (Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma A. for watching Anna!)

 Grandma Armstrong really made the day special by getting some fun decorations and had a Dora theme for her.  She bought a pinata which Emily really enjoyed (as well as the other kids!).  Tim's sisters and husbands and nephews and nieces were all able to come to her birthday party.

 For dinner that night, we had mixture of  Mexican food (going with the Dora theme!)  It was very good.  After dinner, the kids played pin the bracelet on Dora's wrist.  Emily of course enjoyed the game!  After the game, she got to have her birthday cake.  It was ice cream good!  Then of course, the night finished off on a couple of presents. 

Still can't believe our little Emily is 2!  She still talks about it being her birthday and doesn't quite understand her birthday is just for one day.  We love you Emily!