Thursday, June 11, 2009

Megan's pictures at JC Penney's

Megan got her 6 month pictures a couple weeks back at JC Penneys....she was actually like 6 months and 3 weeks. N-ways, Tim and I were thankful that Megan was a happy girl throughout the photo shoot. Although, at the end, she starting fussing, I was like, she is done....she is tired of going from sitting, to tummy, to back, etc. So we just stopped at that point, but the photographer had already taken a lot of good pictures.


Friday, June 5, 2009

About time for an update

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a whole month since I have updated the blog. A lot has been happening...I will try not to make this too long...but it will be long...sorry.

We made a trip to Kansas City for a business trip for Tim. While Tim was working, Megan and I hung out at the hotel. We enjoyed being one a little trip, but wish Tim did not have to work. I think my high light of the trip was that we got to take Megan swimming for the first time, and she loved it. She just splashed and splashed. Tim's highlight of the trip was that we got to eat at Chick-fil-a. We both really miss that as we have not seen one here around us:(

Mother's Day was also special. This was my first one with Megan outside the womb! Tim was so sweet to me. He got up and cooked me breakfast. When I got up, I walked into the kitchen, Tim had the table set with beautiful flowers on it as well as some gifts. I had a wonderful breakfast! I got pictures of the table and the breakfast and such, but did not get a picture with Tim or Megan that day...oops...well, I did get a cute picture of Megan by herself. That will have to do.

We had Awana Awards night the second Wednesday of May. That went really well. We had a good turnout (of course, we grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs...gotta come for the food!!!) with kids and parents. Tim had the opportunity to teach a Bible lesson and was able to present the Gospel. We praise the Lord for a year of Awana where kids can come and hear and memorize God's Word.

We also enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day. Grandpa and Grandma Riffel were able to come and visit that day. Tim and I bought Megan a small pool which we set up. She loved splashing in the pool!! It is like a bath outside! Dad and Tim grilled chicken that day and we just had a fun family day!

We also had an unexpected event happen last week. My Dad went to the ER as he was having chest pains. Long story short, he had had a small heart attack. It was definitely scary for all of us as he was in so much pain. I am thankful though that Tim and I are here in Kansas where we were able to visit him in the hospital and be with Mom and him. We praise the Lord that He protected my dad and that he will be able to resume back to his normal routine after the time it takes to recover from this.

I must say that we are presently experiencing the roughest week we have had since we have been out here in Kansas.... from discouraging times in ministry to buying a house. I told Tim just today that I feel like we have been striving to minister here and serve here and trying to develop ways to even be able to have more of a ministry, and it just seems like this week, we are hitting road blocks and discouragements. As far as buying a house, we had signed a contract on our house, applied for the loan and a grant. We had thought the closing date would be June 18th, but then they called us and told us they had to change it until July15th to give time for the loan and such. We were fine with that b/c that is still before my sister's wedding, and we will still have time to move in and have rooms available to help with company. Plus, we would be in Rose Hill and be like a couple of minutes from my parents house and the church we are serving in. (That is our reason for wanting to get into Rose Hill, to be close to the church and be able to be more involved with having people over and such rather than being 15-20 minutes away from the church.) Well, today, we got a call that the grant money we were applying for is out for this fiscal year, and that we could wait until Sept 1st to apply again for it if the seller would agree to move back the closing date. We were SO disappointed. We are waiting to hear back from the seller's realtor. We really were wanting to get into Rose Hill by the wedding and such, but also, we have already put in our 30 day notice for this apartment, and well, plans now must change. Although, I would never choose to go through a week like this, the Lord is showing us that we need to be faithful to Him...He will ALWAYS be faithful to us. I read this quote on facebook today at the exact time Tim got the call from the realtor giving us this disappointing news on the house. It said "The sovereignty of God is believed as a concept by most believers. However, that belief will be tested in each individual at certain points through life's journey. It is at those specific points where a believer really shows whether or not that biblical concept is rock-solid truth!" My dad has been very encouraging to us this week saying that these are the times that the Lord grows us and matures us, don't let Satan have inroads to this discouragement, and make sure we are encouraging each other. I am so thankful for my dad who has been through many hard times in ministry and is able to encourage us and understand the hard times. (Thanks Dad!!) Please pray for our housing situation...we will keep you updated.

Lastly, on a happy ending note...and I mean a really happy ending note...Karis, Kayla, and Krista are coming in July for my sister's wedding. I am SO EXCITED to see them again and have them meet Megan! Can't wait to have some sweet sister talks and see the cousins play together. Enjoy the pictures