Friday, May 26, 2017

Halloween 2016

 I was on my own for Halloween this year as Tim was working many late nights with the election right around the corner.  So I took the older 4 kids out trick or treating while my grandma watched little Micah.  We started at mom's house and then drove over to Grandma's house.  We dropped off Micah, and then walked around the block hitting just a few houses.  The kids enjoyed it but we kept it short so they didn't get too tired!
Love the costumes they picked out.  Each year, they just pick from what we have, and it it neat to see what they come up with.  Megan was a cowgirl and took her horse that she had just gotten from her birthday!  Emily was a mommy. I am not sure what the hat had anything to do with being a mommy, but hey, she pulled it off well with her dress:)  I love how she had her strolled and a blanket over her baby.  Anna was a princess!  Timothy had a costume with Paw Patrol that a friend had given to us.  
Some cute kiddos!

We did a practice round at Nana's house. They were so excited that Nana had candy for them!

Walking around our block.  So fun!

Micah probably enjoyed hanging with his Great-grandma better than having to be strapped in a stroller!

Love  this...Emily was so tired and fell asleep with her baby laying on her:)

Girl's fall Soccer 2016

 The three girls played 2016 fall soccer.  They all enjoy soccer.  This was the first year they were all on separate teams, so it kept us busy!  Megan has been able to have the same coach every season but one I believe.  It is fun for her to have a lot of the same teammates as well for us as parents to be able to develop friendship with the parents each year.  Emily had 2 new coaches and had an enjoyable year.  Anna also had a new coach this season.  She enjoyed playing soccer again this season and started picking it up a little more.  Her team was pretty young, but she tried hard to not let the other team score.  It was fun to see more of her competitiveness come out:)
First soccer game of the year!


Ready for her warmups

Kick it hard!

Always plenty of friends to play with during soccer games for the ones not playing at the moment!

Nice Selfie, Emily!

Go Megan...#8

Emily is ready for the ball

Megan's 8th birthday

Megan turned 8 Oct. 29, 2016 (yes, need to get into the right year at least on this blog).    We always love celebrating birthdays. Megan is our sweet first born, and it is hard to believe how fast each year goes by.  Megan loves life and often has a smile on her face.  She loves school, church, playing outside, and playing with legos has been a favorite this year too.  She has a great imagination.  She loves helping out.  I pray this sweet girl will continue to grow in her love for the Lord and others!  We got just a few pictures of her special day.
Megan's birthday was on a Saturday and it was the last soccer game of the fall. 
Megan and Emily are great friends who have their moments, but usually do pretty well together.  They are enjoyed a new lego set together here!

Auntie KK always bring so much fun to our house when she visits.  She helped Megan have a fun day on her birthday by playing games!

And of course, Auntie KK is wonderful at painting nails as well!

Megan loved skyping with G & G Armstrong on her birthday! I love her smile here as she talks to them.

We had Pizza Hut pizza for her birthday.  Tim was working crazy hours as this was right near the election so we took the easy route of ordering pizza!  

Opening presents is always fun!

Megan requested ice cream cake...She enjoyed it a lot!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Micah's 5th month

These are some pictures of Micah's 5th month!

Love the cuddles!
His smile melts my heart!

Micah staying warm at the Rose Hill Parade

He is a very happy baby!

Such a great picture of Tim and Micah!

Micah is spending time in his carseat as the kids play at the park.  He is pretty content in his carseat.

Grandma kept Micah on Halloween while I took the other kids trick or treat.  

Megan & Emily's 1st day of school 2016-1017

 Megan started 2nd grade and Emily started Kindergarten in the 2016-2017 school year. (I am just now blogging the pictures and here they are almost done with the school year!) Grandma Armstrong took them shopping early on in the summer for school clothes when they were visiting Kansas so they were excited to wear their new clothes!

Megan's first day of school picture. Tim always makes the sign.  Can't believe she was old enough for 2nd grade. She was excited but nervous of course!
Love this girl

Megan's new backpack
Megan got to start a little before Emily...Emily still wanted to put on her book bag for the picture!

Megan with Nana and Timothy

Three sweet sisters

She is ready to go...not to sure yet though of a new class.

Megan had a Mrs. Newby as her teacher.  She was a new teacher at our school this year.  

Emily is VERY excited to start her first day of school and got a picture with Tim before he went to work.

Megan didn't get a picture with Tim before her first day b/c her first day was Wednesday which is late start for them. We were up when he went out the door on her first day. So we settled for a picture a couple days after her first day!

Love this picture of Grandma and the girls!

Emily with her sign

She was so excited to go to school.  I was excited for her but a little sad too!

Emily's 1st backpack

Emily had Mrs. Kressly.  

Love her

She is ready to go!

She loved her first day of school!

Nana and Emily after her first day