Monday, December 16, 2013

Megan is 5!

How is this possible that my oldest is 5 years old.  She was so excited to turn 5, and asked many times during the month how many days until her birthday.  I am so thankful to the Lord for her health and His healing after her meningoencephalitis back in April/May. 

Megan is our super sweet, very creative/imaginative, and loving girl.  She does have her moments of not so sweet/good moments, but don't we all:)  Here are a few things she loves and other facts about her!

-She loves playing anything using her imagination-puppies, cooking (She likes using my pots and pans and putting them in the oven or microwave.  She knows she must always ask first so she isn't opening a hot oven!), princesses/dressup, having birthday parties for her babies, etc.
-She loves loves playing outside, riding her bike and scooter, playing in the dirt, building bird houses out of wood pieces, and going to the park.
-She (usually) loves helping me out with  different chores around the house-dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc.
-She LOVES her sisters. Her and Emily are sidekicks all day long.  It is so fun to watch them play and love each other.  There are the fighting moments as well, but that is sisters!  She also will take time to play with Anna at times too.
-She loves spending time with friends and having playdates.  I think she asks everyday if she can have a playdate.  When we go to different places like the park or where ever, she loves meeting new friends and always tells me about who she met and such.  
-She is working on some school with me.  She is working on reading, and we are making some slow progress.  She is not really interested in reading/writing, etc., but she enjoys the one on one time we have when we do school during naptime!
-She sucks on her bottom lip which is frustrating to both parents:(
-She really wants a puppy. (Maybe one day...but her mama isn't too excited about that.).
-This is her last year in Cubbies, and she starts Kindergarten next year.
-She seems to be understanding more and more of the Gospel the older she gets.  We dont' know where she is with it, (She will tell us there is no in in her heart b/c Jesus has forgiven her.  We just listen and discuss with her the Gospel.), but we are praying that God will continue working in her heart as we are depending on Him to guide us in our training of all of our girls. 

Here are some pictures from the her birthday (back on Oct. 29th!)

5 years ago, at 8:57 am, Megan was born!  My first born baby will always have a special place in my heart.  She was cuddling with Emily and me at 8:57 this year!

Daddy always brings doughnuts on birthdays!  What a special treat!

A pink doughnut!

Megan working on a craft.
I tried to get Megan to take a nap on her birthday as she had a birthday party that night, but she just laid down a few minutes before getting up.  I didn't mind b/c we got to make the pizza crust and cookie sheet together!

Megan helping roll out the pizza dough

Mixing up the cookie batter

Licking the beaters are the best part!

Some grapes for snacks while watching a movie!

Gotta enjoy the outdoors playing in the dirt!  Who knew dirt could be so much fun?

My birthday girl:)

Skyping with G & G Armstrong

We had a couple families over from church to celebrate.  Here Megan is with some of her friends!  Emily was very excited she got to eat with the older girls:)

Happy Birthday singing and blowing out the candle

Opening up her gifts.  Lots of kids to watch her!

Most of the kids at her party. Love how Anna is being held:)

Her friends from church

A sweet picture with my birthday girl

All of us girls. Love these little ones!

And one with the older two!

Last activity of the night was a game of memory

Megan must have slept in her clothes that night.  She was one tired girl.

This was actually her first party a couple days before with our family.  We got some fun pink decorations!

Megan and Emily setting up for the party.

We enjoyed steak and chicken for this party.

Megan and Emily enjoyed their own little table.

This is a very special cake for Megan as her Cubbie leader made her this pink cake!  She loved Zettie's cake!

Love the excitement on her face.

She had a lot of present to open.  In this picture, Nana got her a pink skirt and shirt. She was so excited!

She got a train set from G and G Armstrong, and we had a fun time putting it together!


We love you so much and are so thankful for you.  You are so special to us as you were our first little baby.  We pray for you in your understanding of the Gospel and that God would save you, and you would love God with all your heart.  We can't wait to see what this next year brings as you continue to grow and bring joy to us.

Mom (and Dad)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Megan's first tooth

At 4 years old, Megan lost her first tooth.  (Oct. 14th to be exact..about 2 weeks shy of her 5th birthday!)  She was so excited!  Tim was brushing her tooth that night for bedtime, and it just came out.  Megan didn't want to put it under her pillow, but she wanted to show others her tooth. We put it in a baggie so she could show it off! I am not sure where the tooth is now, but the tooth fairy never took it.  (She lost her 2nd tooth a couple of weeks later, and she wanted to show that one to others so it has not made it under her pillow.  Not sure if she will ever let the tooth fairy come and get her tooth!)  Here are a couple of pictures.