Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Megan is 6!

Megan turned 6 October 29th.  In the past year, she was able to pass her first level of swimming lessons, learn to ride without training wheels (just days before her birthday), enjoy playing soccer, start kindergarten, welcome her first brother into our family, start her first year of Sparks (and Nana is her leader, and Grandpa is the one she gets to say her verses to...so special!) and much more.  She absolutely loves school and loves her teacher.  She has had a wonderful first year at school for which we are very thankful for.  One of her favorite things to do is playing school with her sisters as often as they will.  She is learning to read although it is sometimes more work than fun right now.  She is very quick at memorizing so that is helpful in Awana.  Another one of her favorites is doing different crafts.  She loves drawing, using scissors, gluing, etc.  We are enjoying watching her grow in her ability to draw and such. She still loves playing with her stuffed animals and often has a favorite one of the week or month.  And to this day she still has her favorite blanket. She has had it since she was a baby.  I don't think we will ever be able to get rid of it:)

Megan is my sweetheart.  She just loves people and has a big heart.  We definitely have our struggles, but we are so thankful for our oldest girl.  She is such a blessing!

Here are some pictures from her birthday.
She got chocolate donuts for breakfast...a favorite!   

Tim had to leave before she got up on her birthday so he was so sweet to remember her birthday and leave a note.  Megan LOVED reading his note.

Her birthday was on Wednesday which is late start day for us.  So it gave her time to play school with her sisters!  I have to add to that since it was late start she got birthday cuddles in my bed which we both loved!

These two are best friends and love playing together.  Megan is the teacher here and Emily is ready for school with her backpack.

Emily and Anna helped me make brownies for her to take to school.  I ate lunch with her at lunch and gave her the brownies then to share with her class for her birthday treat.

Our of school and enjoying a snack

Our big fun activity for the afternoon was making a big leaf pile. The girls were hard at work.

Sweet sisters

So cute! She enjoyed wearing this hat a lot for a couple of weeks.

The girls were all dressed in purple.

Nana came over for a little bit on Megan's birthday.

That night, we have the Awana fall fair which was a fun way to end Megan's  birthday. She got to play lots of fun games and get lots of candy.

The day after her birthday, we had a birthday party with a couple of family friends from church. It was a nice night so they were able to run around outside while the adults enjoyed some quiet conversation.

Blowing out her candles

Opening presents

Her friends that joined her to help her celebrate her birthday. WE have had the same 2 families over the last 2 or 3 birthdays of hers.  A fun little tradition!
Happy Birthday to Megan. This is a little sign that her teacher Mrs. Santo gave her that she was quite proud of.
Megan, we love you very much. We pray that God will continue to plant the Gospel in your heart and do a work in you.  We pray that He will give you a heart that loves Him and others.  We love you.