Sunday, June 14, 2015

Megan's Kindergarten Year in Review

Megan had a wonderful year of Kindergarten.  This was her first time in school, and she was so excited to be finally going to school (We worked on preschool at home.)  We are so grateful for the wonderful teacher God planned for her. Mrs. Santo was just wonderful.  She met Megan's needs and was just so loving and patient.  Megan LOVED her teacher, and we did too.  It was fun to see her learn and grow. She made lots of friends and enjoyed the social aspect. We had no behavior issues which was very good (I guess she saves her behavior issues for me! I must say though, she is a blessing to have at home and usually is a very sweet girl!)  Here are quite a few pictures that show many memories of her year of kindergarten.

Megan's first day of school

Megan meets her teacher!

This has nothing to do with school, but this was a big event for Megan during the school year. She adjusted very well to a little baby brother!

Megan loved this Happy Birthday sign that Mrs. Santo gave to Megan.  

Megan decorated a turkey feather for their class Thanksgiving turkey.

Megan reading to her Emily....I loved seeing Megan start enjoying reading and doing more of it on her own.   She improved a lot on her reading during her kindergarten reading.

Sight words were reviewed often during the year.  On this morning before school, Megan was organizing her sight words to make a sentence.  

Megan's turkey and Indian she made at school

Megan really started to enjoy writing different sentences and such during the year.  This was a letter to Grandma that she wrote herself..."from Megan to grandma, please write me a note. I love you too."  It was always fun for me to try to decipher the letters, stories, she would write.  

For her Valentine's Day party, Megan asked specifically in the morning if Emily could come.  Emily of course was very excited to go see Megan at school. For their craft, they had to draw something they loved.  Megan drew a bookshelf with a Bible on it.  Emily copied her and drew the same thing.  I loved that she thought of the Bible as something she loved.

Enjoying the snacks

Megan also enjoyed a few birthday parties during the year with her friends at school.  Here was a birthday party at a skating rink. It was Megan's first time at a skating rink, and she really enjoyed it.

Megan and Katy
Spirit Week- Day #1- Bring a stuffed animal to school

Spirit Week Day #2- Hat day

Spirit Week Day #3- Wacky Wednesday

Spirit Week Day #4-Pajama Day...and I missed a picture with Day 5 which was Crazy socks day

Another cute paper she brought home from school.  "We can skate to KK's House."

Megan's spring program

My sweet girl at her spring program

A note she wrote at church one Sunday night.

Kid's Fitness Day...Megan enjoyed doing the different activities that they offered.

Go Megan

I brought Emily along with me to watch her enjoy this afternoon.

Run, Megan!

Enjoying Popsicles

Classroom graduation

Mrs. Santo with the kindergarten Grad!

Proud parents

Megan and her best friend fun that they could be in the same class this year.

Megan lost her 7th tooth on the last day of school.  

Megan's last day!

Walking the long way home on the last day of school!!

We are ready for summer!!!!

My 1st grader

My sweet girl

Megan is not ready to go to 1st grade and is still saying she isn't going.  (She is nervous and change is hard for her.)  For now, we are going to enjoy our summer together, and hopefully once school starts, she will be excited to go to first grade!

Spring Soccer

 Megan and Emily enjoyed another season of soccer.  Emily had the same coach as her previous year (Coach Adam) and played in the pre-school group.  Megan had the same coach as her previous year too (Coach Kris) and played in the Kindergarten/1st grade group. Emily was her usual competitive self. She started off the year scoring quite a bit, and ended the year really trying to play good defense. She didn't seem to care if she didn't score in a game, and was happy when her teammates scored so I was glad about that. Megan on the other hand is not so quite as competitive, but she also showed signs of improvement.  She was able to even score a couple of goals at the end of the season so that was fun for her.  I thought we captured some action pictures from their games but not sure where the pictures went...or if we just didn't get them in the first place.  Here are a few pictures from the year though that weren't of them actually playing.

Emily was #5 and Megan was #1

Sisterly love!

Emily with an action shot!

Yes, Emily loved socializing with friends!

Coach Adam putting a medal on Emily 
Getting snacks after the game was the best part.
Emily's team

Megan is ready to play.

Good Game line!

Coach Chris with Megan

Megan's team

Medals at the year of the year...everyone wins in their league and gets medals!  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Timothy- 8 months

Timothy is 8 months. He is such a happy baby, and I just love him so much.  He started pulling himself up into a standing position this month and cruising.  I keep thinking to myself he needs to slow down even though it is so fun to watch him learn new things.   He is starting to be more of a mama's boy and not always enjoying the nursery.

He is a pretty good eater.  Love those big blue eyes!

Just love his smile!

He loves walking along the fireplace...can't keep him away from it.

Timothy playing at the play area in the mall.  He enjoyed crawling all over.

This doesn't happen very often, but when he does fall asleep on one of us, we just eat it up!

Timothy is ready to go!  He is still in his jammies in the van b/c Tim and I were switching out on a Sunday morning b/c of sick kiddos!

Standing up...and busting a little sag!

Pulling himself up in the crib

A cute little Mets outfit on a very cute baby!