Monday, October 29, 2007

Tim's Birthday

Tim had his birthday September 28th. I am posting some of his birthday pictures below. On his b-day, we both had to work so we had a nice lunch of lasagna and he opened a couple of gifts from me. Then the following Sunday, we had some friends and family over for chips and dip and cake and ice cream. It was a very enjoyable time!! We watched football that night as well. Karis and Kayla were able to spend the weekend with us that weekend. It was so cute to have Kayla help out making Tim's cake and such. She loved sitting on the counter while I made the cake. I guess it was probably because she never gets to sit on the counter. N-way, I loved celebrating his birthday together for the first time as a married couple!!! He is truly the greatest husband and am so thankful for him!!!

Tim's birthday!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Updating more pictures and memories!!

Well, below are actually pictures of August. We had all of our family in town as well as some friends from Alabama in town for James and Laura's wedding. Before the wedding we had a chance to celebrate Kayla's birthday so I put a few pictures of that up. We had an Elmo birthday party for her. It was so much fun!!We also had a great evening with our friends from Alabama after James and Laura's wedding. We met up at the mall walking around and just having many laughs. After that, they came over to our house with John and Bethany til like 1:30 am I think and we had so much fun. They brought their "wi"(not sure if that is how you spell it?) with them and we had a blast playing with that. Nicole made us frappacinos which were so good. I need to learn to make those the way she made her. Then into the later hours, Nicole and I looked at wedding pictures while Tim and her two brothers played a fighting game on the x-box. I am sure that Tim enjoyed playing against someone who actually knew what they were doing and could compete with him. So even though this is really late, I wanted to put up pictures of it because these were both great memories!!

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gotta Love Date Nights!!!

Yesterday, when I got off work around 6:30, I met Tim at the library, and we proceeded to go out on a date to Golden Corral. Now we were both excited about having a date night, and on top of it, we were using a gift card at Golden Corral to pay for our date night!!! We both stuffed ourselves there if you can all imagine. I am not sure how many times we both got up, but we kept going back for more. We were still full once midnight hit...craziness!!! After we were done eating, we rented a couple of movies from Blockbuster (yes that is two....we were debating on what to get and Tim said let's just watch two movies tonight. I do not think we have ever done that, but I said okay after I asked him if we would even be able to stay awake that late.) So we ended up watching both movies last night and got done at midnight. No too bad at all. I was looking forward to our date night all week...we have not had a "planned" date night in a long time, so it was a blast. I guess if we had more free time and money, we could have them more often, but then they would not be near as special. I think it is better to be able to appreciate the times you do get to have fun dates!!! Plus, Tim and I get to hang out a lot during the week and we have a blast doing that in itself!!! So what kind of things do you do for date nights? Anyone have any creative date ideas?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Finally, I got these wedding pictures on our blog. I think I got carried away with putting quite a few up, but it was so much fun to look through them again. Tim said I had a lot of kissing ones, but you know those were just so much fun ones!!! Hope you enjoy. Thanks for all of you patience!!

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