Monday, July 13, 2009

More pictures

I am posting some 4th of July pictures which I was going to post on my last post, but I did not get around to it. I am also posting some pictures of our last teen activity we had this last weekend. We have a missionary family who has been here for the past year. They have 3 teens so we had a going away party with pizza, games and pie! They requested Tim to make a banana cream pie and a cherry pie. They both turned out good!

The other set of pictures are from our fun night tonight where we took Megan to the play area at the at the mall. It was our first time to take her there, and she loved it. She loved crawling around and watching the kids play. She found a couple of toys that she loved as well. I have found a great cool spot to take her during the summer. I am so excited!

Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy times!

Life has been very busy here in the Armstrong household, but life has been very good as well!

We took our teens to Amazing Grace Baptist Camp June 15-20. Seven teens were able to attend with us. It was a wonderful week at camp. Tim, Megan, and I all got to stay in a guest house for the week (which was air conditioned!!!). It worked out pretty well having Megan there with us as she still was able to stay on her schedule for the most part. We really enjoyed meeting the other sponsors and talking with them. It was an encouragement to us to hear from them and about their ministry as well. We also had an opportunity to hang out with our teens quite a bit from just sitting around and talking to playing different games with them. I really feel like it was a time where our teens were able to bond with each other and be unified more deeply. The teens also seem to really enjoy the services, and we really were so thankful to the Lord as we heard what the Lord had taught them during the services.

The next week was spent getting ready for VBS. We do a children's VBS in the morning and then a teen one at night. Tim was in charge of VBS this year so we worked together getting everything organized. The people here at church were a wonderful help though with sharing with the responsibilities. My parents were such a blessing to us as they helped us with the ropes of what was needed to be done and such, and just jumped in to help out wherever was needed.

June 26th was my dad's birthday. We were able to spend the day before his birthday with him. It was a special time as we got to grill out, and then play games. I am so thankful to the Lord for helping him get through his small heart attack last month and helping him continue getting stronger! He is a wonderful father and had really helped us in our ministry here in Kansas. Then on June 26th, the church held a bridal shower for my sister. The ladies from the church were so loving in helping her out so much with her new home with many gifts for their kitchen.

June 28-July 2 was the teen's VBS, and June 29-July 3 was the childrens. Both of them went really well. We were very excited about the ones the Lord brought our way to share with them God's Word. It was such a busy time as I was at the church all morning with the Children's VBS, and back again at night with the teens. (Tim had to sleep during the Children's VBS as he work nights! but he kept busy studying for the lessons and such as well) Bless Megan's heart...she did not get to see a lot of us parents last week, but of course she survived. I had a teenage girl watch her in the morning, and then my mom watched her at night. (I have thouroughly enjoyed having Megan all day long this week!! I missed her last week)

Tim had to work overtime on July 4th which was a little disappointing and made our time with him that day shorter, but we were able to go over to my parents house and hang out there that day. Tim slept at my parents house while I hung out with my parents. We grilled chicken for supper, and then after supper shot off the few fireworks we had bought the night before. (Megan was really funny with the fireworks...instead of crying b/c she was scared, she planted her face into my shoulder and clung onto me for dear life. It was so cute. By the end of the night, she was a lot less tense about the noise and was sitting up watching. Tim enjoyed her snuggling with him during the fireworks b/c she usually does not snuggle a lot with her daddy, just mommy! He said we needed to have fireworks more often so he could get more cuddles!!) N-ways, that night, we went to Rose Hill School and watch the fire works display there. It did not start until 9:45. The only thing I could think of is that didn't they know that little kids needed to get to bed and that there was church in the morning! (I thought they would start the show before then, but Megan did well even though she was so tired). Of course I know they wanted to make sure it was nice and dark!

This week is a little bit of a slower week for us and we are very excited about that. Tim and I have both been encouraged just this last week in our Teen Bible Study hearing from the teens what the Lord has been teaching them. IT is just so encouraging to see that some of the teens are growing in the Lord and reading the Word! We praise the Lord for all that He has done in this last month, and are excited about what He is going to do in the future!

Must report this as well...Megan started crawling 2 days before her 8 month b-day. She is now all over the place. We are really enjoying this stage in her life (other than having to tell her no constantly!)